Wake Up Your A/C Unit Before Summer

Expert HVAC Technicians Urge Home Owners to Prepare A/C units before Summer Arrives

HOUSTON (March 22, 2017) – A short-lived winter for part of the United States and a warmer-than-average spring has homeowners using their home cooling systems early this year. Before the climate officially changes from warm to hot, there are important steps to take before turning on the air conditioning unit for the first time.

Experts from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating®, part of the Direct Energy family of brands with independently owned and operated locations throughout North America, urge residents to pay attention to these must-do’s to help prepare their A/C units for summer:

  • Change out your filters.
    Once they fill up with dust, they start restricting air flow, which hampers the efficiency of the machine and can circulate dust throughout your home.
  • Clean the outside unit (condenser).
    Over the course of the year, your air conditioner may have collected dust, leaves and other debris that degrade its performance. Before you perform any service on your air conditioner, make sure you shut off the power through your circuit breaker and special disconnect box next to the unit.
  • Have the inside of the unit cleaned and maintained.
    This is a job for an air conditioning maintenance expert who will give the machine a thorough inspection to make sure everything is operating as it should and that the internal parts are clean and undamaged. Your A/C unit can lose up to 5 percent efficiency each year that it isn't properly maintained.

For more details, visit Onehourheatandair.com and find licensed technicians in your area. You can also watch this video for additional tips. We’re happy to answer any questions you have regarding your HVAC system and appliances to help ensure your home is safe.

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Jessica Michan
External Relations Manager, Direct Energy
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