Service Overview

Specializing in residential air conditioner maintenance, repair and installation services in Corpus Christi, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating® is dedicated to keeping Texas homeowners cool. From routine tune-ups to major AC repairs, no job is too big or small, and we deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every air conditioning service.

Of course, we don't only focus on AC repair and installation. Corpus Christi is known to have a cold snap from time to time in the winter months, and we work with homeowners to ensure their homes are always comfortable and cool, even if it's Christmas Day.

Our local technicians are available to you 24-hours-a-day, 365 days a year, to make sure no matter what the climate is outside, your home is always comfortable.


We accept all major credit cards. Great financing options are available!

The climate here in our "Sparkling City by the Sea" is unique and beautiful in so many ways . Between our beaches, parks and natural wildlife we always have plenty of things to enjoy.

However, we all know how the powerful sea-salt air, extreme heat and unpredictable weather patters can take a serious toll on our cars, homes and heavy machinery.  Down here, our air conditioning and heating systems can take a beating! So, it's only natural our home systems require more attention and maintenance than dryer, more temperate climates around the country.

They experience the same wear-and-tear, but do we give our systems the attention they deserve? Typically, we don't think about our home AC and heating systems until they break. It's most common for system breakdowns to happen at the worst possible times of the year, especially if our systems have not been properly maintained. They can't take the sudden work load needed to keep your home comfortable.

In Corpus Christi, it's absolutely necessary to take care of your system with regular maintenance. Our Air Conditioning & Heating Protection Plans  provide the reassurance you need, without the worry. 

You get the necessary maintenance your system needs, discounts on repairs, and front of the line service - all for a very affordable monthly subscription, starting at $11.99 a month. 

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