You could potentially help you save money and be more environmentally conscious with a new smart thermostat. Unfortunately, with today’s air conditioning and heating needs and the desire for energy conservation, many of the older styled thermostats simply do not provide the level of control you want and need.

Our One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® technicians will know your equipment and can install the appropriate products to best meet your needs. Professional installation also takes any installation risk out of your hands and ensures proper heating and cooling system operation.

Call the One Hour pros and get the peace of mind that your new installation will be done quickly, correctly and by the best possible technicians available.

Professional Thermostat Replacement

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning we can replace your old thermostat with one of the best smart thermostats available, one that is on the cutting edge of technology with advanced user-friendly programmable options.

Programmable thermostats are a low voltage wiring installation and involve anywhere from 2-10 wires, depending on your type of heating and cooling system. If your job requires a replacement or new installation, call your One Hour professional to ensure the proper equipment and installation, as well as operation with your heating and cooling system. Smart thermostats require professional installation to maximize their performance depending on your vintage and type of heating and cooling system.

Your technician will ensure proper installation and instruction for your new thermostat.

Services vary by location. Call for details.

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