It’s Time To Start Thinking About A New Air Conditioner

All around the Bay Area, residents are changing their habits to lessen the strain on the region’s natural resources. People are noticing how much water and electricity they use during the course of a day. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area, we think it makes sense to think about efficiency as well.

In terms of home appliances, efficiency is a matter of evaluating how much energy you need to give an appliance in order for it to give you the results you want. Air conditioners have the potential to represent a significant portion of your energy use, so you should keep yours in top shape and replace it as needed.

Even if the temperatures outdoors sometimes are unpredictable, you can create an environment inside your home that is consistently comfortable. New air conditioning units will also help filter out airborne pollutants, particulate matter, and allergens. Cleaner air is good for everyone and vital for anyone in your household with a respiratory ailment or other health issues.

Look at your energy bills for clues about whether or not it’s time to replace your air conditioner. If you’re spending an increasing amount to cool your home while your comfort level decreases, you may no longer want to invest in air conditioner repairs. Instead, it may be time to purchase a new air conditioner.

When you’re shopping for a new air conditioning unit, choose features that are convenient and practical, like:

  • Electronic controls for precision and ease of use
  • Timers so you use the unit only when necessary
  • Heating element for year-round function
  • Easy-to-remove air filters
  • Multi-speed fans

If you want a more comfortable home while not spending a fortune on your electricity bills, trust us to bring our extensive experience with Bay Area air conditioning to ensure that you have the best system to keep you cool. Call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area at (844) 338-5492 today to arrange for us to install your new, efficient air conditioner.