Indoor Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

For some, an indoor air conditioning unit is a natural choice; installation costs are minimal, there is no complicated duct work and they are much cheaper to buy. Whether it is price or convenience, they suit many purpose.

But just because they are simple, don’t think that you can ‘fit & forget’; they still need maintenance and looking after.

Use It

As with most mechanical things, letting it stand for a period of time without use may not be the best thing for it; we would always recommend running it occasionally and just get the system circulating. If you leave it from one season to the next, you could be looking at ‘re-commissioning’ the system.

Keep It Clean

You should always regularly check for dust and airborne particles that could clog up the workings inside, any filters should be replaced as matter of course and you should just try and keep the environment surrounding it clean. Whilst dust and airborne particles are only small, over time, they can build up sufficiently to have an impact on the efficiency.

Scheduled Service

Whether it is single room, indoor conditioner or a multi room, ducted system, the importance of regular scheduled maintenance should not be overlooked.

Regular maintenance helps to keep the unit in excellent working condition, performing at its peak efficiency; not only does this mean cooler rooms, but your energy bill will be the lowest it can be.

Having a scheduled maintenance service is a great way of detecting early problems, allowing a simple fix rather than a full on repair call out.

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