AC Tips: Large Buildings, Little Bills

large building

When you own or manage a large building or facility, one of the biggest concerns for that building is the energy costs it incurs every month. Controlling those costs can come down to turning off lights when people leave their offices, keeping the building insulated and not allowing for random , and windows, to be open. However, you can also help to control those costs with your HVAC system.

Go on Central Control

While it may seem really nice to allow every little room to have their own thermostat, it just will not help when you are trying to control energy costs.

You need to be centralized so that you know how much energy is being used in the building. If some guy leaves his heat on all winter and you never notice, your energy bill could skyrocket just from one person’s office that you would never know about and never be able to find.

Monitor Your Central Control

It’s one thing to manage all the heating and air yourself, but it’s another to do it right. You want to have someone in security at the controls for the building. They can monitor the weather outside, monitor the feeling inside the building and change the heating and air for the building accordingly.

Of course, if this person does a bad job, you will lose money on energy bills. However, if they do a good job, you will find that you can save a ton of money because you know precisely how much energy is being used and you can regulate your energy bills every month to keep them under control.

Allow for Some Variances

You may have to allow for variances in some offices due to large amounts of computer equipment, close quarters of the office space or other factors. However, if you are on a centrally-controlled system, you can manage that very easily and predict how much more energy is going to be used.

When you put your HVAC system in a large building on central control, you can manage your energy expenses and predict changes in the future.