Small Actions, Big Savings for Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioner

Monthly utility bills comprise a necessary component in any household budget. While the cost cannot be entirely avoided, this expenditure can be decidedly reduced. A few preventive measures in regards to air conditioning will result in a lower payment each and every billing cycle.

Clear Path for Air Flow

Landscaping can provide a substantial impediment for unobstructed airflow. Shrubbery, bushes, and other natural features of the landscape frequently grow near the air conditioning unit. The desire to camouflage the unit or provide the backyard with a natural look can choke off the air conditioner’s ventilation. A recommended clearance of two-feet in every direction will ensure that adequate airflow is maintained.

Obstacles can occur inside the structure as well. Filter maintenance and replacement are two of the most neglected and overlooked actions in household maintenance. Clogged membranes cause the unit to work harder and longer for the same cooling effect that a clean filter effortlessly provides. Metal filters can be washed and dried. Other types of filters need replacement. By creating accurate reminders on a computer or mobile device, the notifications for replacement can be emailed directly to your account. This small preventive maintenance step will result in large seasonal-savings every year.

Think Higher up

Attic ventilation is an overlooked component for the reduction of household energy bills. Roof vents must be inspected yearly. The most frequent form of unanticipated obstruction is the nest. Birds, hornets, wasps and other creatures like to make these vents their homes. The flow of air that was designed into the house does not function properly anymore due to these habitats. Bear in mind that when dealing with any aggressive insect an exterminator should be called for their safe removal.

Professionals are Worth the Investment

Trained servicemen have the expertise to efficiently detect and solve many issues that will reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling units. A small investment in the form of a consultation can reap dividends in the elimination of potentially greater costs down the road. The knowledge and knowhow of these technicians are affordable for any budget. Prudence dictates placing a call to a HVAC professional. The needs of your family require the continued seamless cooling that a service company will ensure for the household.