10 Air Conditioning Efficiency Tips

Air condition unit

A poorly functioning air conditioner may require an incredible amount of electricity if it is not well maintained. There are several ways that a homeowner can lower the cost of their electricity bill and improve its air conditioning efficiency level. Some of those methods include:

1. Reduce leakage around the home: Old windows and drafty doors may let out nicely cooled air and force the air conditioner to work too hard to maintain temperature.

2. Utilize drapes and shades: In homes with south-facing windows, installing shades helps to keep the home from heating up in the middle of the day, which requires more work to cool.

3. Employ ceiling fans: Ceiling fans use very little electricity to run and can improve the efficiency of a central air conditioning system by helping to circulate cooled air.

4. Don’t run the AC during absences: Many families have an empty house during the day when everyone is at work or school, so there’s no reason to leave the air conditioner on full blast if no one is home.

5. Install proper insulation: Insulating the ducts around the home results in significant energy-savings because additional cold air is sent into the rooms for cooling.

6. Install the AC unit in a shady spot: Although there isn’t always a lot of choice for the placement of an AC unit, ensuring it sits in the shade will increase the efficiency level.

7. Check the condition of the vents regularly: Sometimes a vent might be closed accidentally or one of the moving parts might get bent. Ensure all vents are open for maximum airflow.

8. Change air filters regularly: A dirty air filter will disrupt proper circulation from the unit, so keeping an eye on filter cleanliness on a monthly basis ensures the best possible airflow.

9. Clean the outside AC unit: Some homeowners forget to clear the growing bush from around the AC unit and might not realize that the top is full of leaves. Remember to clean off the AC unit whenever yard work, such as mowing, is done.

10. Ensure yearly maintenance: As one of the costliest machines to run, keeping an air conditioner serviced regularly will help to make sure there aren’t faulty parts causing it to work harder than should be required.

New air conditioners definitely use less power than their older predecessors. However, even if a unit is rather old it’s possible to increase efficiency and lower energy bills by keeping the unit properly maintained with regular attention paid to things like cleaning.