Top 5 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Technician working on an air conditioner

The last thing you want in the middle of summer is air conditioning problems. It can be frustrating when this happens because you’re hot, you may not understand exactly what went wrong and you may not have the budget to hire an expensive HVAC contractor to perform the work in peak season. But you can educate yourself on the most common air conditioning problems.

Here are the top 5 most common air conditioning problems:

1. Bad wiring- not only is this a fire hazard, this often prevents the system from receiving power. Many times, improper or uncertified A/C wiring can cause dangerous situations, not to mention a hassle for you when your AC stops working in the dog days of summer. It can also trip the circuit breaker, causing even more confusion.

2. Dirty and clogged filters– letting your filter go too long without a change can translate to a problem down the road. The best solution is to regularly change your AC’s filter to prevent it from clogging up with dirt and debris.

Something closely related to this is a dirty AC unit. Dust and dirt can clog the coils of your air conditioner, blocking air movement and stopping the fan, or compressor. Regular cleanings are essential to avoid this.

3. Broken fan- your AC’s fan sends warm air out and brings cold air in. Faulty fans can put unnecessary strain on the unit, causing damage to the compressor. Upgrade to a new unit if you have continuous problems.

4. Low refrigerant- don’t let your AC run low on refrigerant, as it won’t be able to keep up on the hotter days. Low refrigerant often goes hand-in-hand with leaks, which can translate to an environmental hazard.

Plus, your home won’t get cooled and you’ll most likely become irritable. It’s important to keep on top of any leaks and to always make sure a certified professional is called upon to refill your refrigerant.

5. Frozen coil- this can be due to an airflow problem caused by dirty air filters, blocked return air ductwork or even low refrigerant.

Any one of these problems can be solved easily and quickly. Just make sure you call a dedicated professional who is responsible, affordable and always-on time.