Can Closing My Vents Save Me Money

AC Vent

Air conditioning is a necessity for staying comfortable during those long Florida summers. However needed it is, we still hate paying those large electricity bills. That’s why people look for tips and tricks anywhere they can to try and lower their cooling costs. One of the common myths you will hear is that closing the vents in unused rooms will cut down on your next bill. This is untrue, and it can actually cost you more money.

At One Hour Air Largo, we are dedicated to improving our customers’ home comfort and lowering their AC bill. That’s why we’ve put together everything you need to know about the dangers of shutting off your vents.

Why It Doesn’t Work

Many people believe that by shutting off a vent, your AC will stop pumping air to that room and thus use less electricity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this. Your AC has no idea that you have stopped the flow of air to that one room, so it continues to send air down that duct.

The air is still being sent, even if the room is no longer being cooled. At this point, you are essentially paying to cool the air ducts. This is why you should always avoid closing your vents unless for personal comfort reasons.

Closing Your Vents Might Cost You More Than You Realize

Many who close off their vents to save money find that it has the exact opposite effect. In many cases, closing the vents increases your energy use, raising your bill. Your AC is designed to flow air smoothly and freely throughout your house. When you shut off a vent, you’re increasing the amount of work that your AC has to do.

It can also severely damage your system. The air that flows to the closed-off vent will be desperately looking for an escape. This will increase the duct pressure, potentially causing major issues. If there are any small leaks in your ducts, air will sneak out here and increase the size of these holes. The built-up pressure may also break your ducts’ seals. This will stop air from flowing as effectively throughout the house, and you will start to notice your bill increasing while your personal comfort suffers.

If you are interested in lowering your monthly electric bill, avoid all the myths you hear. Call the experienced technicians at One Hour Air Largo to learn how we can get your AC unit running efficiently.