How to Allergy Proof Your Home

woman blowing nose

Flowers are blooming, the sun is out and the grass is returning to a healthy shade of green. Ah, isn’t allergy season beautiful? … Oh, did we say allergy season? Sorry, we meant spring!

We all know that with spring comes pollen, and with pollen comes itchy eyes, runny noses and perhaps some obnoxiously loud sneezing. So, save yourself the struggle and actually enjoy the changing of the seasons by allergy proofing your home! Here are a few tips for doing so.

Close the Windows and Turn on the AC

Yes, we know it’s pretty out there, but lets keep the allergens outside. During pollen season, it’s best to rely on your air conditioner (or heater, if it happens to still be cold in Florida) to provide a comfortable temperature in your home. In addition to allowing pollen inside, keeping your windows open can bring in mold from your home’s window frames and sills.

Dust! Dust! Dust!

This may seem like a no brainer, but regular dusting throughout your home will greatly minimize allergens. Be sure to dust and clean all air vents. If your vents are covered in a layer of dust, there’s a good chance some of it is being carried into your air. Keep your vents clean and adjust the one in your bedroom so it blows clean air towards you as you sleep.

Change Those Filters

The air blowing out of your AC unit isn’t coming directly from the outdoors, of course — It’s being cycled through a complex refrigeration system that replaces warm air with cool air. However, without a filter to purify it, the air in your home could be filled with allergens. During pollen season, our filters have a lot of work to do so it’s important to change or clean them often. Make sure you start off spring with a fresh filter and continue to replace it once a month.

One Hour Air Largo has a plan to make changing your air filter simple! As part of our Filter Club, you will receive 12 filters a year to fit your AC unit. We’ll even email you a reminder each month for when it’s time to replace your filter. Join the Filter Club today and breath easy!

Make Sure Your AC Unit is Ready to Fight!

It’s important to schedule regular HVAC maintenance whenever the weather begins to change. A One Hour Air technician can get your air conditioner prepared to fight both the allergens and the heat that come with springtime in Florida. Call today and remember, we’re always on time… or you don’t pay a dime!