How Can I Protect My Home From Duct Leaks?

a picture of a flooded house

A significant amount of the climate-controlled air that is produced by your home’s heating and cooling system can be lost through leaks in your ducts. Unfortunately, duct leaks are common, and they can be difficult to detect because of their location in the home. Protecting your home from duct leaks can help you save money on energy costs and can make your home environment more comfortable. These tips can help you to prevent duct leaks in your home. 

Inspect the Ducts

Because duct leaks are common and hard to detect, there is a chance that some of your ducts may already be leaking. Scheduling an inspection from an experienced HVAC technician. This individual can detect duct leaks and can help you determine the appropriate way to remedy the problem.

Insulate Your Ducts

In addition to sealing the duct joints, you can also insulate your ducts. The ducts are typically made out of material that has insulating properties. However, you can add another layer of insulation around them with special materials. These are designed to further protect your ducts and to reduce any temperature transfer. 

Seal Your Ducts

Sealing the joints where the sections of the ducts come together can significantly reduce air loss. 

Find Out How Your Home Will Benefit from Aeroseal®

Ducts can develop leaks from many different things, including pests, rodents or simple wear-and-tear. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Clearwater can help you learn more about the current condition of your ducts and can provide you with additional assistance to prevent new leaks from developing. Give us a call today at (727) 245-0378 or send us a message.