How HVAC Maintenance Keeps Your System Working Efficiently

a photo of an air conditioning system

Maintenance is a matter of importance for any mechanical system, and including HVAC maintenance in your spring and fall home management plans is important for ensuring that you have optimum system performance when weather conditions change. There are many benefits while keeping your equipment functioning efficiently.

Keeping Your HVAC Equipment Clean

Particles that circulate in your home can bypass the air filter and land on the internal parts of your heating and cooling units. This can affect your indoor air quality, but it also creates a layer that acts as an insulating material, inhibiting efficient heat exchange that can reduce the energy performance of your system. You can expect an efficiency decrease of as much as 5 percent each year if you neglect HVAC maintenance. By ignoring your equipment, you could also decrease its lifespan and increase your utility bills.

Identifying Problems with Comfort System Components

During the inspection of your home comfort system, your technician identifies any problems with parts, including motors, fan blades, mounts, electronics, and sensors. A thorough review of the system allows for old or worn out parts to be noted. You will have the opportunity to replace these before they can create problems during seasonal activity.

Preventing Heating and Air Conditioning Emergencies

Although it is impossible to avoid every potential system problem through equipment maintenance, regular inspections and tune-ups can eliminate the majority of such situations. By investing in a preventive maintenance visit, you can enjoy peace of mind during the heavy cooling demands of the summer months in Florida. You will also be ready for the occasional heating demands during the winter months.

Ensuring Safe System Operation

Your HVAC technician can pinpoint heating and cooling issues that can affect the environment inside or outside of your home. Refrigerant problems with your heat pump or air conditioner can affect the local environment, and identification of a leak is a priority. Pre-season inspection of your heating equipment is a crucial safety measure for avoiding carbon monoxide dangers to you and your family as well.

Maintenance Plans with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Clearwater

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