The Origins of AC


Air conditioning is one of the greatest modern luxuries, yet many of us know next to nothing about the origins of AC. While Willis Carrier is credited with the invention of the modern idea of air conditioning, cooling methods date all the way back to ancient times. Ready to increase your knowledge about the origins of AC? Check out these informative links from around the web.

Ancient ACThe first known air conditioning systems were created by the ancient Egyptians. Their method? Hanging wet mats over their doorways.

1758: Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley discovered that alcohol and other volatile liquids could cool down an object enough to freeze water. This would ultimately lead to advances in refrigeration techniques.

1881: Did you know? After President James Garfield was shot in 1881, naval engineers attempted to keep him comfortable with a makeshift cooling unit. The unit was filled with water-soaked cloths and a fan to keep cool air closer to the ground.

1903Willis Carrier launched the modern idea of air conditioning in 1903. Carrier’s design included a system of chilled coils that maintained a constant and comfortable temperature.

1914: The first air conditioning system was installed in a private home. The next year, millionaire Charles Gates, hired Carrier to install an HVAC system in his mansion.

1939: The first air-conditioned car was born.

1970s: The advent of central air conditioning make window units outdated.

Today: Air conditioning and heating technology is ever-changing. Today, HVAC systems are smarter than ever and can even be controlled via smartphones.

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