How Often Should I Clean My Air Filter?

a photo of someone cleaning their air vents

Every air conditioner uses a filter to clear particulates out of the system. As the air exits the vents throughout your home, the resulting circulated air is free from major debris that can harm your indoor air quality. However, your home’s filters easily become dirty over time. When cleaning or replacing your air filters, here are some important things to consider to keep your AC system operating at peak performance.

Average Cleaning Frequency

Because Florida homeowners use AC throughout the year, it’s a good idea to clean your air filter about once a month. It’s not just dust and debris that fills the filter. Grease and oil from cooking, for example, might also stick to the filter. Dust accumulates on the AC coils, as well. After only four weeks, the filter could become a barrier to air instead of a critical component of keeping it clean. As a result, the AC system works harder and uses more energy to combat the dirty filter.

How to Clean Your Air Filter

Remove the air filter from the AC unit. Examine your filter, which is normally located indoors, and verify that it is a reusable type. Rinse the filter off with an outdoor hose and allow the filter to remain outside to drip-dry. Placing a wet filter inside the AC unit may potentially cause it to disintegrate. In most cases, the filter should be dry after a few hours of sitting in Florida’s welcoming breeze.

When a New AC Filter Is Necessary

You might rinse and reuse your filter for a few months, but there is an expiration to these products. Before you rinse the filter again, take a close look at it. If the filter section is falling apart, it’s time to buy a new one. You’ll save money on major AC maintenance by keeping up with routine filter cleaning and care. To help you with filter maintenance, One Hour Air Largo provides an easy and affordable Filter Club!

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