Sometimes it can seem like your furnace has a rather blunt, if effective, approach to heating your home for the winter. You set the thermostat, and the heater works to bring the entire home to the desired temperature. It’s possible to fine-tune the process to some extent with smart thermostats and other modern technology, but in most circumstances, you’re still dealing with a one-size-fits-all solution. One way to help individual members of your household take greater control over their personal comfort is with heated chairs that you can control with your smartphone. Read on to learn more.

Portable Additions to the Heat and Air Conditioning System

More and more people work from home in today’s freelance economy, and friends or family members sharing a home office may not have the same heating preferences. For that matter, a family sitting around in the living room in the evening might have vastly different opinions about what temperature the thermostat should be set to. In the past, that could mean grumbling or putting on a sweater, but now we have the power to control the heat output of our individual seats.

One example of a heat and air conditioning system you can sit on is the Hyper Chair, a smart chair built by Personal Comfort Systems out of the University of California at Berkeley. The efficiencies are obvious – it takes a lot less energy to heat a small chair than an entire room, and the person sitting in the chair can set it to exactly the temperature they prefer. One report suggests that heated chairs can cut HVAC costs by 30 percent.

Efficiency Gains Across the Board

Not only can chairs bring heat directly to your body, they can also help even out electricity demand and increase the efficiency of the power grid. “We're going to have the chairs take on more of the work of providing heating and cooling because they're battery-powered,” Personal Comfort Systems CEO Peter Rumsey said in a recent interview with NPR. “They don't affect electricity prices during the day because we can charge them at night when electricity's cheaper.”

In their current incarnation, smart chairs allow you to control and monitor them using your phone. In the future, Rumsey sees the technology improving to the point where the chairs can talk to a home or office’s general heat and air conditioning system to help increase efficiency building-wide.

Conserving Even More Energy in Heat and Air Conditioning

Smart chairs are just one possible addition to help you save money on heat and air conditioning costs – to learn more about the latest HVAC technologies, or for any home comfort assistance, contact a licensed HVAC technician today.

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