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Houston, TX Location Donates to Camp Hope – PTSD Foundation of America

Houston, TX Location Donates to Camp Hope – PTSD Foundation of America

Starting in August through October, the Houston office donated funds from every system sold to The PTSD Foundation of America at Camp Hope in Houston, TX. The total donation was $26,800.

Camp Hope is a facility that offers temporary housing, job placement services, transportation, and more to local veterans. They also offer group and individual sessions with certified combat trauma mentors to assist with personal healing.

“By donating funds, we hope to bring awareness to our service men and women who are battling PTSD,” says Jimmy Sanchez, General Manager of the Houston location. “We are glad to partner with Camp Hope in this initiative while we continue to meet the needs of our One Hour customers.”

Jimmy is a retired Sergeant Major from the United States Marine Corps, so working with Camp Hope is very important to him. Jimmy has led all veteran hiring initiatives at the Houston location since 2016.

The Houston location has also provided support to Camp Hope through installing complete air conditioning and heating systems, performing routine maintenance, repairing systems, and more at no cost to Camp Hope.

“Each summer, we choose a local organization doing great work in the communities that we serve,” explains Sanchez. “Camp Hope provides resources to assist veterans who may not have had the success they were looking for through traditional VA programs.”