And Now a Word (or Two) About Bad Communication

Bad communication skills not only damage personal relationships, they reduce business profits. Establishing effective communications in the workplace is essential, and it begins at the top.

Currie Gauvreau, Brand Manager of Success Academy, was recently featured on The Plumbing & Mechanical Podcast to discuss four simple ways you can increase productivity and improve relationships.

In the episode titled “Don’t be a jerk—communication skills every contractor can use,” Gauvreau explains how homeowners and employees value strong communications. His career in team training has shown him how even nonverbal cues can work against business owners.

“When you have employees who are well-informed of what the organization is trying to accomplish, and they understand the vision, they actually will feel more secure in their role, as well as what they contribute to the organization,” Gauvreau explains in the podcast. “It’s actually a basic human need in order to influence and be valued.”

He says establishing straight-forward communications techniques can create a stronger company culture that includes retained employees and happy customers.

Here’s one tip Gauvreau recommends: communicate with your staff face-to-face whenever possible.

Listen to the full podcast episode to learn his other three simple tips to improve communication in your workplace:

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