Why Do Contractors Franchise?

Franchising Offered Lenny Siers a Viable Strategy to Understand the Changing Consumer Landscape and Grow His Business

Lenny Siers is a multi-brand franchise owner serving homeowners in northwest Florida and northern Alabama. With a fleet of nearly 140 residential service vans, he credits the franchise systems, processes, and training to his success.

Perfected and Proven System

Coming from the military, Siers was attracted to the uniform and systematic processes that a franchise offered. In 2005, he joined The Authority Brands' One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning brand.

“I took a system that was already perfected and proven and made it even better by applying my efforts to it,” explained Siers.

Expanding Services & Territories

In 2010, feeling that he had mastered the residential HVAC side of the business, Siers saw an increased need for a good, residential plumbing company in the area. By adding Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to his business portfolio, and leveraging the training, processes, and support systems, Siers was able to grow the plumbing side of his business. Recently, he added Mister Sparky electrical services to round out his business offerings.

Siers feels that The Authority Brands provide a strategy to understand the changing consumer landscape, one in which homeowners want faster responses and easier communication, all with the expectation for the work to be of the highest quality. According to Siers, "The franchising system evolves with consumers’ expectations to provide quicker, digital responses. So, we are training to keep up to date with today’s changing market and the needs of consumers. Whether it’s marketing or training, we’re digital, we’re paperless and we’re more current.”

Training for Success

For Siers, training is one of the key benefits of The Authority Brands' system. He believes training is paramount to success and often underutilized. Training is available for employees and management, in the office and the field, online and in person.

“With the training so great in our franchise system, it helps me with recruiting, retaining and properly operating my businesses,” said Siers.

As Siers expanded into new services and new territories, he was appreciative of the support and advice from the corporate team, as well as his “brothers and sisters” from other franchises, who were always willing to help.

“When you are part of a franchise system, you feel like you can’t fail.”

Lenny Siers at a glance