Scott Rohrer of Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Scott Rohrer

“If anyone in business wants to see a well-run machine – they should visit Lancaster, PA. It is a model center of efficiency and productivity. Scott and Matt are one of the best examples of training that is ongoing and a part of their culture. You can tell by the technicians, electricians, and plumbers on the team – and it shows up as a positive effect on the bottom line. ” – Lance Sinclair, VP of Operations

Scott’s story begins in June 1959 when grandparents, Evelyn and Harry. While Evelyn kept the books, Harry did Plumbing and Heating work for his friends and neighbors. Scott’s father Larry joined the business in 1969 after he graduated from high school and soon took over the leadership.

The shop is now under the leadership of Scott Rohrer, grandson of Harry, and Scott’s business partner, Matt Buckwalter. Scott says they still hold the values and ethics that began in that meager beginning in 1959, only now, we can offer our friends and neighbors cutting-edge 21st century resources.

We made the decision to franchise in 2003 when Scott distinctly remembers his father’s question. “My dad said, ‘Scott it’s a 45 year old family business and it’s your choice. You can try and do it independently or you can hook up with these brands. It was an easy decision,” says Scott.

Scott’s old school roots payed off: In 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, he won the President’s Award, the brands’ top honor.

Continuing the family traditions. Scott’s sons, Dustan, Corey, and Blaine are getting into this multi-generational business, too. Dustan Rohrer works as Service Manager for Mister Sparky, Corey Rohrer is a HVAC Service and Maintenance tech for One Hour, and Blaine is a Lead Installation Tech for One Hour.

So what’s Scott’s secret to success? Surprisingly simple: “We open up the manual and say, ‘how should it be done? Is there a reason we can't do it that way?’ We try to follow by the book. So just keep it simple is our motto. It's allowed us to focus on the business: what we do best and we don't have to reinvent the wheel every day. These systems and processes are put in place--we just need to do that thing we follow.”