Unprecedented Heatwaves Make 2021 An Ideal Time to Open an HVAC Franchise

2021 is only halfway finished, and we have already witnessed some of the most extreme heatwaves ever recorded. Across Europe and Asia, a late winter heatwave recorded unusually high temperatures throughout the last week in February. Caused by a jet stream of Saharan dust, Europe and Asia experienced temperatures that matched and often exceeded late springtime highs.
More recently, the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia experienced a record-breaking heatwave that wreaked havoc on the local infrastructure and population, where few buildings are equipped with AC systems. Portland reached 116 degrees, Seattle hit 108, and a small Canadian village of Lytton, not far from the US border, climbed to 121 degrees – the country’s all-time high.

Heatwaves are measured proportionately to local weather patterns and expectations. When temperatures are sustained within the 90th to 95th percentile of local averages for an extended period, the weather phenomena become defined as heatwaves. The byproduct of high-pressure atmospheric systems known as anticyclones, heatwaves create a heat dome that traps heat absorbed by the landscape while pushing out cooler air currents. The result is baked cityscapes, scorching temperatures, strained power grids, and expensive utility bills.

Hotter Temperatures Naturally Create More Business for the HVAC Industry

It is not too difficult to deduce that warming weather leads to more demand and business for HVAC companies. According to AZ Central, an unprecedented shortage of HVAC workers and materials delayed AC services across the Phoenix valley during a record-breaking heatwave this summer. The situation was so drastic that the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, which licenses HVAC companies, urged patience. In another article written by 9News in Colorado, the summer heatwaves were noted as already “driving hundreds of calls to HVAC companies” with requests “for repairs and inspections very high.”

All these factors lead to the same logical conclusion: Opening an HVAC franchise is a great business decision. Overwhelmed by market demand that will likely amplify as temperatures are expected to steadily rise over the next few decades, owning and operating a local HVAC franchise is a safe and lucrative given. When temperatures rise, air conditioners are stressed and burdened. Small, previously undetected issues become serious problems. New complications emerge as HVAC units buckle under the additional workload. Whatever the case may be, the hotter it is outside, the hotter the demand for HVAC services becomes.

How Heat Waves Harm AC Units & How HVAC Franchises Can Help

Hot weather can negatively impact an AC’s condition and performance in multiple ways. Most HVACunits filter out hot air from inside your home and replace it with cooler outside air. However, when weather temperatures peak, an AC unit will exert twice as much energy to cool the air, leading to wear and tear. Humid conditions only exacerbate the workload, making an HVAC system remove moist and damp air to provide cool air. While hotter weather is unfortunate for homeowners, the prospects of hotter weather are financially promising for the HVAC industry. During heatwaves, an HVAC franchise business owner will be frequently called upon to:

  • Provide maintenance and tune-ups for aging HVAC gear that breaks down after running relentlessly
  • Upgrade and replace old parts and HVAC units to help homeowners mitigate high monthly energy bills
  • Create new vents to distribute cold air and balance room-to-room temperatures

Failing Power Grids Make HVAC Surge Protection Pivotal

Heatwaves also put pressure on utility companies and power grids. Because power plants also need to be cooled, they become less efficient and have lower capacities when exposed to sweltering heat. In extreme cases, transformers will even collapse. These failures can cause a lot of problems for individual HVAC units, including power surges. As a result, many homeowners will experience HVAC issues due to blackouts and need repairs and/or want to purchase new surge protectors, which will need to be installed.

A Future Filled with Maintenance Plans, Service Calls, & Consistent Business

The bottom line is simple: Hotter climates will lead to more frequent HVAC issues and deterioration. As an HVAC franchisee, this reality provides all kinds of business opportunities. You can offer annual maintenance plans to help homeowners proactively stay ahead of the curve and avoid having their unit break down in the middle of heatwaves. As malfunctions become more common, these plans will become more enticing to customers who realize how vital upkeep can be.

Beyond the revenue stream from maintenance plans, you can also expect constant service calls for replacements, repairs, and installations. Many parts of an air conditioner have difficulty with extreme temperatures. For example, capacitors, which provide voltage to HVAC units, commonly start to click and eventually fail due to extreme temperatures. In these instances, they will need to be replaced. Meanwhile, leaky ductwork and clogged filters can cause significant problems when your HVAC unit is already overwhelmed, causing the entire system to shut down.

Whatever way you have it, the forecast for the future is warm, and homeowners in all areas will be looking to maintain peak HVAC performance all summer long. From entirely new markets emerging in the Pacific Northwest to increased demand for AC service everywhere as the weather reaches new all-time highs, HVAC businesses will become highly profitable and sought after. Help your community keep cool all summer long and open a local One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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