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How One Hour Is Already Perfecting HVAC-as-a-Service

Times are always changing. Every year, we must take a look at how consumer’s behaviors and expectations are changing. In a recent article published by ACHR News, it is noted that the HVAC industry is beginning to change in big ways to meet this new consumer service model. And One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning is already ahead of the curve when it comes to the likes of HVAC-as-a-Service.

What Are Consumers Searching for?

At the end of the day, consumers are still searching for help keeping their homes comfortable. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is how customers are going about purchasing services. In recent years, the rise of subscription services has allowed consumers to opt-in for solutions that offload the responsibilities that come with traditional ownership via the convenient nature of monthly charges and memberships.

What Does This Mean for HVAC Companies?

While traditional HVAC contractors have continued to be in the business of “selling equipment,” ACHR highlights the importance of the equipment only being a means to an end, with the end being ensuring homeowners have reliable access to clean and comfortable air in their homes, and why HVAC contractors must adapt to save themselves from disappearing like companies of the past.

The HVAC industry is set to meet these demands quicker than other industries due to the expensive nature of HVAC equipment. Plus, the average customer doesn’t necessarily care about the equipment they have, they just know it needs to be fixed to give them reliable access to quality heating and cooling in their home.

HVAC contractors must ensure they are:

  • True experts in their respected fields
  • Providing upfront and competitive prices
  • Providing outstanding customer service
  • Experts in their marketing and sales strategy

It’s critical to ensure HVAC companies and individual contractors have a plan in place to begin mastering these components. If not, you won’t be fully prepared to meet overcome these new disruptions to the market.

You can view the full ACHR article here to learn more about the recent changes in consumer behavior.

How Can One Hour Help?

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Franchise Development, we continue to monitor the latest industry trends to ensure our franchisees are delivering the best service to their communities, but also so our franchisees can stay relevant, popular, and improve their bottom line.

Home Comfort Club

Our Home Comfort Club is one of the best examples we have. While it’s been a staple of the One Hour brand for a while, it’s essential to our longevity and has helped our brand loyalty reach new levels. This, along with our traditional model of delivering fast, efficient, and authentic services to keep our customer’s homes comfortable, is allowing us to keep up with the ever-changing market.

Our heating and cooling membership offer customers our:

  • In-depth HVAC system inspections
  • Discounts on repairs and products
  • Priority services
  • Exclusive member perks
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

It is much easier for the average homeowner to pay monthly for reliable HVAC service than pay full price for service, repairs, and whatever else is needed to keep things running smoothly. Additionally, the Comfort Club is a great incentive for our franchisee owners as it allows them to have a constant revenue stream, helps their business grow in value with every customer enrolled, and ensures they are delivering quality service at every turn.

Explore our HVAC Franchise Opportunities

With the help of One Hour, you can rest assured you’re a step ahead in the right direction. If you decide to franchise with One Hour, you’ll be able to take advantage of the above Comfort Club along with many other resources, from training to marketing, to help you take advantage of this increased demand for HVAC-as-a-service.

Already own an HVAC business but don’t know where to start with these changes? We offer a variety of options and pathways to convert your existing HVAC business to a One Hour location with ease. Our model makes it easier than ever to discover your customer base, as well as expand in the future. Two critical components of seeing your HVAC company thrive!

Ready to explore our current franchise offerings? Give our team a call at (855) 996-4747 or contact us online to learn more about our franchise model and how we can help you achieve success.

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