How Franchising Can Help Your HVAC Business

two HVAC techs looking at a tablet

Every day, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning talks to business owners from all across the country looking to convert their already successful HVAC service provider. With 100% business ownership and the support of a nationally-recognized brand, there's no wonder why businesses are interested in converting their business into a franchise. Here are three reasons why owners are turning to One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

1. Backed by a Recognized Name

What’s not to love about becoming a One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning location? You’ll get everything that has allowed One Hour to grow, including the name! With the benefit of national advertising and brand name recognition at your fingertips, your location will get the praise, attention, and business it deserves. Also, as a franchise owner, you’ll benefit from profits from our brand’s business partnerships, as well as past and future success.

2. The Ultimate Toolkit

Converting your business to a franchise is like is much more than being backed by an industry-leading brand. As an independent owner, you currently have to be available around the clock, ensuring every component of your business system continues to work. Often, this leaves you spread thin among many areas of your business, resulting in little to no time for anything else.

When you become one of our owners, you’ll learn to follow our proven business model, allowing the business to not being 100% dependent on you. This gives you time back to spend with family or begin researching your next investment – or simply take a break.

With our proven business model, you’ll have access to an ultimate toolkit of models, systems, and proven techniques to help establish your name in the One Hour family, as well as grow and unlock the full potential of your business. With our marketing tools, you get helpful one-on-one assistance from an experienced team of marketers. This ensures your ad dollars are being well-spent, as well as gives you the national advertising you’ve been searching for.

This toolkit also provides you the resources only a national brand could provide you. With around-the-clock call-center support, your customers will have 24/7 and 365 days a year support in getting the emergency HVAC services they need.

With things like peer-to-peer networking, future options, business coaching, and purchasing power available to owners, you and your employees will benefit from everything that has made One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating the leader it is.

3. Protect your Investment

Whether you’ve owned your own HVAC company for 30 years or 2 years, your business is the culmination of your hard work, time, and money you have put into creating, growing, and maintaining a business in the HVAC industry. When you choose to convert your existing business into a One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating location, you’re choosing to protect your investment, by backing it with a leader in the industry with decades of experience.

As locally owned, operated, and independent companies recover from 2020, it’s important to look for resources with a proven track record to preserve your spot in the HVAC community. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating continues to be a great franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners of all kinds!

Convert Your HVAC Business

When you’re ready to expand your current successful home service company, be sure to turn to One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. A part of the Authority Brands umbrella, we’re confident you’ll be able to find a place in our One Hour family. Our team is dedicated to providing you the resources, support, and tools your HVAC company needs to beat the local competition!

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