Why Is A HVAC Franchise A Smart Investment?

One Hour HVAC tech working on a unit

The HVAC service market currently being valued at over $57.8 billion dollars and is predicted to reach around $82.5 billion by 2026 — a 6% increase in five years! With this predicted growth, there’s no wonder why current and future business owners are turning to the HVAC service industry inside the home service market.

Here’s why investing in an HVAC service is a smart investment for entrepreneurs.

The Demand For Quality HVAC Services Is Rising

According to ACHR News, air conditioner shipments were up 10% by the end of 2020. In a combination of a record hot summer and more people staying at home than ever, 2020’s A/C sales showed significant growth over 2019. Additionally, the findings also report that heat pumps were given a boost over its 2019 sales, with a 9% increase in 2020.

Naturally, the HVAC service industry grows as the HVAC equipment market grows. When more HVAC equipment is in demand, more HVAC service providers are needed. This is great news for HVAC service businesses: With this ever-growing increase in demand for reliable heating and cooling service providers, the opportunity easily presents itself!

A Good Business In Any Economy

Modern living has shown that HVAC units are essential components of our homes. Even during a worldwide pandemic when millions of businesses were forced to shut their doors, HVAC technicians were deemed essential business. With growth being halted in other industries, the HVAC service industry never came to a complete stop, proving the need even when the world turns upside down.

And with new advances in technology and smart home trends, the HVAC industry continues to move towards integrating this smart technology, similar to other home systems and appliances. By allowing more convenience for the customer when it comes to programming it helps customer’s systems remain efficient while keeping those bills lowered.

A Turnkey Business Model

Whether you own an existing heating and cooling company or searching to find someplace to get started, our franchising opportunity provides you with everything you need to grow and position your business. With One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Franchise Development, you are guaranteed a proven franchise success model, as well as a terrific leadership team who provides you unparalleled support every step of the way.

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