Richie Drew: A Success Story from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Myrtle Beach

Richie Drew

Meet Richie Drew

The journey of a successful business owner is often filled with hard work, dedication, and a passion for the industry. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the inspiring story of Richie Drew, owner of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Myrtle Beach. His journey demonstrates the power of perseverance, innovation, and commitment to continuous improvement.

The Beginning: A Family Legacy

Richie Drew's story with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning began in 2004 when his father, Richard Drew Sr., became one of the early owners of a One Hour franchise. Over time, the Myrtle Beach location became a part of the core group of corporate stores, and Richie found himself immersed in the family business.

From General Manager to Regional Vice President

As Richie honed his skills and gained valuable experience running the Myrtle Beach business, he was offered the General Manager position at the Las Vegas location in 2005. Under Richie's leadership, the Las Vegas franchise reached record revenue and profit goals. His success led to a promotion to Regional Vice President, where he focused on converting new locations into One Hour franchises.

Returning to Myrtle Beach as Owner

In 2013, after nearly a decade away from Myrtle Beach, Richie was presented with the opportunity to buy back the location. Confident in his ability to grow the business, Richie took over as the owner of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Myrtle Beach. True to his word, he returned the location to double-digit profitability within the first year.

A Year of Recognition: Franchise of the Year Award

In 2022, Richie's hard work and dedication were recognized at the Authority Brands Convention, where he was awarded the Franchise of the Year. This award is a testament to his unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service and his drive to continually improve and grow his business.

Richie's journey with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Myrtle Beach serves as an inspiring example of what dedication, hard work, and a commitment to improvement can achieve. By staying true to his values and embracing opportunities for growth, Richie has turned his franchise into a thriving, award-winning business. His story demonstrates the potential for success that awaits those who join the One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning franchise family.