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2023 Wildfires Create Opportunities for HVAC Companies to Support Their Communities

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The recent wildfires, originating from Canada and impacting US cities, have underscored the significance of HVAC companies in supporting their communities. Extreme weather conditions and natural disasters, such as wildfires, enable HVAC companies to provide essential services and help improve the overall wellbeing of their customers.

How are wildfires impacting HVAC businesses?

In addition to the busy summer season, HVAC companies are helping customers keep smoke and other pollutants out of their homes as wildfires continue to be an issue for several states. By keeping up with health and safety recommendations, HVAC companies can support their customers and communities when natural disasters or major weather events occur.

People are spending more time indoors.

As several states issue air quality alerts, people are spending more time indoors to avoid exposure to harmful pollutants. This increased indoor time results in higher usage of air conditioning systems.

Older units or systems in need of an upgrade may struggle to cope with the demand, leading to a rise in HVAC repair or replacement requests.

Health & safety recommendations impact HVAC systems.

In response to the wildfires, health and safety authorities recommend running HVAC systems on recirculation mode to prevent outside air, filled with smoke and pollutants, from circulating inside homes.

As homeowners follow these guidelines and close their doors and windows, their HVAC systems are being utilized more frequently. HVAC companies can assist customers in keeping their systems in good working order through regular tune-ups and maintenance, thus prolonging the lifespan of the HVAC units.

Air filters are a top priority.

Air quality has emerged as a top concern due to the wildfires' impact on indoor environments. High-quality air filters are crucial for capturing fine particles, including smoke and other pollutants, which improves indoor air quality and HVAC performance.

Trained HVAC technicians can conduct in-home assessments to identify air quality issues and offer appropriate solutions. Educating homeowners on the importance of changing air filters regularly and guiding them on the selection of suitable filters further establishes HVAC companies as trusted resources within their communities.

The Opportunity is Yours!

The recent wildfires have brought to light the vital role of local HVAC services in ensuring the comfort, safety, and wellbeing of communities during natural disasters and extreme weather events.

Entrepreneurs can capitalize on this opportunity by franchising with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, leveraging the value of HVAC services, maintenance, and community education. Contact our team today to learn more!

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