4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Heating Costs This Winter

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Just because the weather will be cooling off soon doesn’t mean that you need to dread your impending energy bills. These four simple tips can help you improve the efficiency of your home and keep your family comfortable throughout the winter without putting a dent in your wallet.

1. Replace Old or Damaged Weatherstripping

The cracks around doors and windows will allow cold air into your home and let warm air escape. Some studies have even shown that upwards of 12 percent of a home’s heat loss occurs around windows and doors. Homeowners should spend some time inspecting and replacing damaged weatherstripping once or twice a year.

2. Insulate Electrical Boxes

Many contractors fail to insulate the cracks around electrical boxes, and this can result in serious issues with cold drafts. One simple way to remedy this is to remove the plate covers and fill in any cracks with latex caulking. Larger cracks and holes can be sealed with a fire-resistant foam spray.

3. Invest in Window Film

Older windows are incredibly inefficient and will let in UV rays during the summer and lower the ambient temperature during the winter. Homeowners do have the option of completely replacing older windows with high-efficiency designs, but that is not always financially practical. As a quick fix, homeowners can simply line their current windows with a heat control window film. These films can be applied in just a few minutes and often pay for themselves within just a year or two.

4. Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

One of the single best investments that a homeowner can make is upgrading to a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat will give you full control over the temperature within your home without having to change it every time that you step out the door. Some thermostats now connect directly to the wireless internet and can be controlled through one’s phone or computer.

Lower Your Heating and Cooling Costs With One Hour Air Largo

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