Keep Your Furnace Humming: 6 Maintenance Tips for Your Furnace

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There is nothing worse than turning on your heat during these chilly months and discovering your furnace isn’t working properly. Take care of your furnace with these easy maintenance tips, and keep those toes toasty!

Before you do anything...

It’s best to turn off the power to the furnace before you do anything (unless you’re just replacing the filter). Turn it off via the circuit breaker; there should also be an on/off switch near the gas line.

6 Maintenance Tips for your Furnace

  1. Replace the Filter

    Furnace filters should be replaced every 2-6 months, depending on your filter and your home. Be careful to take it out slowly so you don’t inadvertently send extra dust into the air.
  2. Check the Blower and Fan Belt

    See if your blower needs lubrication, and size up your fan belt to check for any fraying or cracking. Call one of our technicians if either needs repair, replacing, or if the belt needs tightening.
  3. Clean the Furnace

    Once the furnace has completely cooled, get out your vacuum nozzle and clean out any dust within the furnace. Finish off with a cloth, and you’re ready to insert your replacement filter.
  4. What Color is Your Flame?

    When you turn your burners back on, check the color of the flames. They should burn blue. If they are yellow or any other color, call a professional right away. This means that the flames are burning dirt or other substances.
  5. Don’t Forget the Vents

    The cleanest of filters can only do so much. Your vents are part of your heating system too, so don’t forget to vacuum away the dust from the air registers around your house.
  6. Get it Professionally Inspected (and your A/C too, while you’re at it!)

    You don’t realize how much you need your heating and air conditioning systems until something breaks. Call in one of our technicians for regular inspections, and avoid unexpected problems!

As always, if you smell gas, leave the house and call the fire department or gas utility company, and don’t enter the building until they’ve cleared you.

For maintenance, repairs, or any problems with your furnace or heating, contact us. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you in your moment of need. And Opie is always on time, or you don’t pay a dime!