A Day in the Life of an HVAC Franchisee

HVAC Owner

People who work in the HVAC industry provide their clients with comfort and quality installation, maintenance, and repair services. Some HVAC employees may be considering taking the leap into business ownership, and with good reason. Becoming your own boss has many perks, such as making your own schedule and hiring your own qualified employees, but there are some challenges as well. What is the average day in the life of an HVAC business owner like?

What Do HVAC Business Owners Do?

An HVAC franchise owner has many different responsibilities, and their oversight of the company as a whole helps operations run smoothly. HVAC owners have a responsibility to ensure their customers are receiving quality work, and that their employees are happy, qualified, and productive.

Checking In

Many HVAC owners start their days by checking in with their respective team. This allows the owner to get a better understanding of what work was completed the day before and  provides their employees with crucial information regarding the plans for the upcoming days.

Knowing what has been completed already and how the job went helps a business owner to gage where they need to focus most of their efforts. If one of their technicians is having issues with their truck, for example, providing them with the opportunity to discuss such issues can help bring them to light and get them taken care of.

Scheduling this time also allows the franchise owner to give their team crucial info, such as which tools they will need in their truck or feedback they received from previous jobs.

Office Duties

While most HVAC companies will have an office that is fully staffed, business owners will often jump in and get involved in the daily goings-on. An AC & heating company franchisee will often have to work collaboratively with their office staff to ensure administrative duties are being handled professionally and timely.

Some of the tasks an AC franchise owner may find themselves involved in include accounting, such as checking the books and various bills, assigning certain technicians to jobs that best fit their experience, and more. Sometimes, business owners must take care of client-facing responsibilities, particularly when dealing with customers that have more unique needs or concerns. Because most HVAC franchises are smaller, the owner usually finds themselves involved in every aspect of the business.

A franchise owner will collaborate with their office team similarly to how they collaborate with their technicians. Open communications between everyone on the team will ensure that the business runs full potential, and the business owner is responsible for making that happen.

On the Field

Every HVAC franchisee will decide what aspects of the business would benefit from their involvement, and some choose to keep working in the field when they have the time to do so. This can range from accompanying a new technician to make sure they meet the franchise’s standards to lending a hand on a particularly busy day. When a business owner gets involved in all aspects of the business, their employees tend to respect them more because they see that the owner is knowledgeable and invested in their success and the success of the business.

What Makes a Successful Franchise Owner?

A successful franchise branch requires an owner who is willing to always put their best foot forward. That’s why we look for the following traits in potential franchise owners:

  • Goal-oriented: Keeping a list of goals and working hard to achieve them provides a goalpost not only for the owner, but for the whole team. Having set goals gives the team a reason to work hard and put in effort.
  • Adaptable: The HVAC business can be unpredictable, which is why the best franchise owners are people who can adapt to changes that happen on the fly.
  • Team player: Franchise owners are part of the team of people that keeps their office running, but also part of a larger team of franchise owners across the country. Being open to working together and solving problems as a collective will help all our franchise owners be successful.
  • Passion: The best franchise owners are passionate about providing quality HVAC services to their community. This passion is also directed towards meeting their team’s goals and making sure their team is working happily and professionally

Become an HVAC Franchise Owner Today

Becoming a One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning franchisee provides current owners of HVAC companies a way to reach more clients and become more visible in their respective communities. We respect business owners in the HVAC industry, and provide the following tools to allow them to grow their businesses:

  • 100% of business ownership: Your business is your business, which is why all One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning franchisees retain complete ownership of their businesses.
  • Brand recognition: One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is not only a nationally known brand but is also respected and trusted in the HVAC industry. Having our branding behind your business will attract new clients.
  • On-demand training: We provide all our franchises with training, both online and on-site, to ensure that technicians are delivering high quality work that meets our standards.
  • Marketing: One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning has a talented team of marketers ready to provide your franchise with tips and tricks to ensure your advertising budget is put to good use.
  • Discounts: One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is affiliated with BuyMax, so our franchises receive rebates and competitive pricing on essentials needed to keep their businesses running.

If you believe that becoming an HVAC franchise owner is right for you and you want to take the first steps towards owning a bigger and better business, contact us at (855) 996-4747 or via our contact form.