Your Thermostat Just Got Smarter

It seems that every day we're a little closer to a Jetsons-like future of complete automation in our homes, appliances, and vehicles. While driver-free cars are probably still a thing of the (very) far future, homes that provide for just about all of your comfort needs are already here, thanks to thermostats that are smarter than your average control panel.

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Bucks County offers smart thermostats with futuristically fantastic benefits. Read on to learn more about how they can change your life for the better.

Continuous Comfort—Just How You Like It

What if you didn't have to adjust the thermostat for your house to remain at the perfect temperature? With a smart thermostat, this dream isn't a flight of fancy. Smart thermostats are a type of programmable thermostat, which is preferred by homeowners for their ability to pre-program certain temperature settings for specific times.

However, smart thermostats are slightly more advanced and eschew the need for programming by learning your habits and preferences. For example, if you leave home at 8 AM and come back at 6 PM, your thermostat will keep your air off during the day and bring the temperature to your preferred level by the time you come home. Run straight to the gym on Wednesdays? It'll learn that habit, too.

Remote Control

First, there's that sinking feeling, the one that happens when you're halfway to your shore house, and then you realize, "Oh no, I forgot to turn the AC off!" Then, it's a hasty, sheepish phone call to your neighbor, asking if they'd be so kind as to find your spare key and switch off the air.

But with certain brands of smart thermostats, you'll never get that sinking feeling again. Simply use your smartphone, tablet, or other Wi-Fi connected mobile device to communicate with your home thermostat and switch off your system. This capability can also be used to adjust the temperature from afar—perfect for cold winter nights when all you want is to come back to a toasty house.

Energy Savings

Energy-saving measures are always a win-win. You'll save money on your utility bills, and you'll be doing the planet a favor, as well. With smart thermostats, you have the potential to save more energy than ever before. Since you have more control over temperature adjustment, your energy use will be less wasteful. Many smart thermostats can also tell you at precisely which temperature setting you'll get an energy-saving benefit.

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