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Our skilled service technicians are prepared to inspect, maintain, replace, and repair all models of heat pumps and furnaces. Sometimes, system failures begin with small performance issues that become major problems if not spotted and corrected early. For this reason, our HVAC service technicians provide maintenance services to help prevent future emergencies.

Heater Repair

We can repair all heater and heat pump models. Some common signs that a heater repair is in order include:

  • Inadequate hot airflow
  • Your heater turns on too often or shuts down prematurely
  • Your heater emits loud noises

Heater Installation & Replacement

When a heater replacement/installation is needed, we will assess your budget, preferences, ductwork capacity, and unique HVAC setup before recommending the make and model best suited for you. Once you’ve chosen your new heater, you can rest assured that we will meticulously follow manufacturer specifications to ensure everything is correctly installed.

Heater Maintenance

A great way to keep your heating equipment reliably functioning is by enrolling in our  Club Membership, which offers regular preventative heater maintenance and first-in-line priority for emergencies.

Contact our HVAC technicians at (800) 893-3523!

One-time maintenance visits are highly recommended if:

  1. Your heater hasn’t been serviced in over 12 months
  2. Your heater is over 7-years old
  3. You notice energy bill costs suddenly increase

Other Heating Services Include:


Ductwork is the system of vents that delivers warm and cool air throughout your home. Insufficiently insulated ductwork will make your HVAC system work extra hard due to leaking air. Many experts estimate that poorly insulated ductwork costs the average American homeowner 30 cents of every dollar spent on electric bills. Let us help you save money and enhance your comfort level today!

Duct Cleaning

If your ductwork is excessively clogged with debris, home to rodents or pests, or damp and covered with mold, contact our team immediately! Routinely cleaning air ducts will safeguard your health and prolong the efficiency and durability of your HVAC unit.

Duct Repair

Improperly installed or compromised ductwork will reduce airflow and overburden your HVAC unit. When duct repairs are necessary, we will offer a straightforward explanation of:

  • Areas where ductwork can be improved
  • The pros and cons of making repairs vs. replacements
  • All associated prices

Duct Installation & Replacement

It is important to have ductwork that optimizes the efforts of your HVAC units by providing adequate airflow pathways. If leakage allows air to escape or your ductwork delivers too much warm or cold air to a specific room, our team can help. We can design, install, and repair ductwork systems at the highest industry standards.

Air Quality

Most people don’t realize that indoor air is often exponentially more polluted than outside air. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) contributes to 50 percent of all illnesses. When contaminants from chemical cleaning products, furniture, dust, and cosmetic sprays remain trapped inside your home, your health and well-being are threatened. Fortunately, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning offers air quality services to alleviate IAQ-related health risks.


Digital thermostats now have a wide range of features that improve HVAC efficiency. Built with monitoring systems that track data, smart thermostats can monitor energy use to calculate the best times to cool or heat your property. Most digital thermostats are also wireless and can be controlled remotely from an app. If you’re interested in adding a smart thermostat to your home, we can install it for you to ensure it’s in proper working order from the start!

Reliable HVAC Service - Heating & Cooling Inspection, Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Unlike some other HVAC companies, our highly trained professionals never skip steps or take shortcuts. We conduct comprehensive multi-point HVAC diagnostics during every inspection to check for common issues such as dirty coils, old air filters, and clogged condensate drains. During maintenance visits, our team will lubricate mechanical parts, check refrigerant levels, and remove the debris or buildup in your AC unit to prolong its lifespan.

Our HVAC Technicians Are:

  • Skilled Professionals - Highly trained in handling HVAC installations and repairs, our HVAC specialists perform all work in strict accordance with industry standards.
  • Friendly and Courteous - Our technicians are accommodating, clean, polite, and always arrive with a smile on their faces.
  • Background-Screened - Extensive background checks thoroughly vet every HVAC contractor before being hired. We also require drug tests in states where testing is legally permitted.

Why Should I Hire a Professional HVAC Company?

Our knowledge and experience allow us to solve even the most complex heating and air conditioning problems in a short timeframe. We show up with service trucks fully stocked with thousands of specialty parts and materials. This allows our HVAC technicians to handle your problems on the spot rather than waiting for a special order to come in.

Reasons to Call for a Team of HVAC Experts Include:

  • Knowledge and Experience - Our HVAC technicians enroll in continuing education courses and routinely attend seminars to stay informed and educated on emerging changes in the industry.
  • Safety - HVAC malfunctions can be hazardous. Our team arrives properly equipped and protected to safeguard against injuries.
  • Warranties - Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is backed by a UWIN® seal that assures complete accountability. We resolve all issues quickly and honestly.
  • Timely - No matter the hour or day, you can count on One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning for ‘Round the Clock availability. We also promise to be punctual. If our technician arrives late, the service is free. After all, our motto is: Always On Time...Or You Don’t Pay A Dime!®.
  • Licensed and Insured - Every one of our heating & AC repair technicians is licensed, insured, and regularly trained to offer unrivaled service.
  • Reputation - We maintain a safe, respectable, and reputable place of business. Our strict code of ethics emphasizes:
  • Respect for the law
  • Respect for others
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Safety & reputation
  • Teamwork
  • Privacy
  • Competitive prices

Other Reasons Our Customers Love One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Locally Owned - Our One Hour® franchisees are all locally owned and operated, and eager to ensure the comforts of a properly functioning HVAC system are enjoyed by their respective communities.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Nothing proves that a company is willing to ensure quality results better than a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We guarantee all materials, labor, and craftsmanship for up to two years from the date of service.
  • Reliable Technicians - You can count on our 24-hour heating and cooling team to be forthright, communicative, and follow through with all HVAC repairs, installations, and maintenance jobs.

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We attentively and respectfully listen to customers’ needs to provide a high level of service tailored to your system’s needs.

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With state-of-the-art tools and unmatched customer assistance, we make sure every facet of our HVAC service is impeccable. From detailed inspections to diagnosing issues to providing upfront estimates that are free of hidden fees, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning always operates with integrity and diligence.

*Check with your local franchise, services may vary by location.

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