Why Should You Change Your Air Filter

An air filter is a major component of the air handler, which is part of your home's HVAC system. It ensures that the air in your home is free of dirt and other debris so that you and your family can breathe in clean and healthy air. When your air filter is dirty, it can cause major complications for other parts of the air handler.

In order to keep the air in your home clean and flowing properly, it's important to know exactly why you should change your air filter. A dirty air filter can cause the following complications:

  • A dirty filter can strain your blower motor, which can cause it to fail.
  • Dirty filters restrict airflow, which lowers efficiencies and can cause the inside coil (evaporator) to freeze up.
  • If you don't change your air filter frequently, the evaporator can build up with dirt and debris. Getting it cleaned can be a very costly repair.
  • When dirt collects on the evaporator, it mixes with water coming from the coil and turns into mud. The mud causes clogging of the main drain coming from the coil.

If these problems occur, it's important to call technicians to repair HVAC air handlers in Bucks County, PA.

So, now you know exactly why you should change your air filter regularly, but you might still be left with one question: what is "regular"? Well, how often you should change your air filter depends on a few factors:

  • How often you use it
    • Someone who runs their HVAC system for two hours per day will have to replace their air filter less frequently than someone who runs it all day.
  • How clean your environment is
    • If you clean your home frequently and don't have anything that can compromise the quality of your air, such as pets, then you don't have to change your filter as frequently as those with a lot of pets or more existing debris in the air.

Regardless of these factors, you should still check your filter once a month just in case. You should change it when there are visible signs of dirt and debris. Over time, you will learn how often the filter needs to be changed in your particular living situation.

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