Why You Can't Afford to Put Off Heater Repair

From holiday shopping sprees to belt-tightening fourth-quarter budgets, this time of year gives you plenty of reasons to pinch pennies. We're all for frugality, but there are cases in which thrift isn't the smartest financial decision.

Case in point? Heater repair. We've seen plenty of customers try to save money by skipping their annual furnace tune-up in Churchville or boiler inspection in Bristol, only to be met later with more trouble than they (literally) bargained for.

If you're trying to save money this winter, neglecting your heating system will only backfire. Here are three reasons why putting off heater repair can be costlier in the long run:

Catching More Than Just a Cold

Heatwave-related health issues tend to grab more headlines, but cold weather causes almost twice as many temperature-related medical problems as hot weather does, according to the CDC.

Cold temperatures, combined with drier air, increase the risk of respiratory infections – including the flu – and put more stress on the cardiovascular system. As a result, if the temperature in your home or business isn't adequate for human comfort (at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit, although the standard room temperature setting is generally 72 degrees), you could come down with a serious case of high medical bills.

Cold, Damp, and Broke?

Turns out that your heating system affects more than your indoor temperature. It comes as a surprise to many of our customers that your HVAC system is interlinked with your plumbing system. During the winter, this connection makes itself known–unfortunately–through frozen and burst pipes.

When temperatures inside your building plummet, the water in your plumbing system can freeze. Since water expands when frozen, cracked or burst pipes may result, especially if your building isn't properly insulated.

The ensuing costs can be enormous since you will have to hire a plumber to repair the pipes as well as a general contractor to repair any water damage.

A Quiet Disaster

Say that you do escape plumbing emergencies and hospital trips this winter. We certainly hope that's the case, but there's one more inherent risk to putting off heater repair: High utility bills. Systems in disrepair work harder, but do less – meaning you pay more money for fewer benefits.

While not as dramatic as a flooded house or medical emergency, rising heating costs are stressful and deeply frustrating, and their accumulation over time puts undue strain on your finances. But by scheduling regular heater inspection, maintenance, and repair, you can keep your heating system in optimal condition and stabilize the cost of heating.

The Smart Way to Save Money and Your Heating System

There's a way to save money during the winter while preventing HVAC-related problems – and that's a maintenance agreement with One Hour. Our Comfort Club protection plan includes annual checkups of your system, as well as a 15% discount on all repairs. And those are just the basics! We offer different plans to suit your budget and your needs.

Learn more about our maintenance agreements, or schedule heat pump services in Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA, by calling (267) 930-2733.