How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Spring

Though we may still have a few weeks of cool weather ahead of us, it can't hurt to get a head start on things and have a refresher on what you can do to get your air conditioning unit ready for the spring season. Each and every year, your AC needs to be prepared for the long and hot summer that lies ahead, and an AC with a glitch can leave you stranded on a hot day. Make sure you don't get caught in the heat this upcoming spring by following these tips, courtesy of your go-to HVAC company serving Villanova and the surrounding area!

Inspect & Clean Your Outdoor Condenser

You may have already done this in the fall. However, the chilly winter winds have a tendency to blow around a lot of foliage like leaves and twigs, so it's good practice to have a look at your condenser and remove any foliage from the unit. If it's warm enough and weather permits, consider giving your condenser a wash by spraying it down with a hose. Also, make sure to repair or replace any pipe insulation that's been worn or damaged.

Change Out the Air Filter

Changing your air filter is a simple and inexpensive way to prepare your AC for the coming heat. Air filters are designed to catch and stop debris and particles from entering and disrupting the AC system and can become clogged after long periods of time. Because the system needs to be able to take in air to function correctly, a clogged filter will end up forcing your AC to work extra hard, causing undue strain. Changing your filter can keep your AC running smoothly and increase its longevity.

Clean Your Supply Vents and Return Grills

Make sure that your AC's supply vents and return grills are clean, open, and free of dirt and debris. As you are cleaning, it's also a good idea to vacuum your floors of any debris or hair so that your AC can operate with cleaner air.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Your air conditioner has been on quite a long break, so it's a good idea to give it a trial run to make sure it's not having any problems. If your system seems to be having issues or difficulties, don't hesitate to give our crew at One Hour a call before the season begins heating up. A preventative maintenance plan is an excellent way of ensuring the longevity of your system. When you have your AC system checked and inspected by one of our seasoned professionals, they'll be able to diagnose any problems, make suggestions for needed repairs, and give tips and advice for extending the longevity of your AC system. When you have a trained set of eyes on your air conditioner, you can rest assured that you'll be chilling when the weather starts heating up!

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