What Is a Ductless Mini Split System?

ductless mini split

As we go through spring and begin to head into the hotter months, you'll want to ask yourself if your air conditioner is ready to beat the heat of summer. The good news is there are many options to choose from out there on the market. You might be familiar with traditional units and window air conditioners, but have you heard a ductless mini split system? We'll explain the basics of ductless air conditioning units and why they may be the best choice for you.

Pros and Cons of Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless mini split systems are different from other types of air conditioning units, because they are an easy way to add cooling to your home without major ductwork or by taking up space in your windows. The basic makeup of the system is in three parts: the outdoor unit, the indoor unit, and the refrigerant lines that connect the two parts.


  • No ductwork is required so there is minimal interruption in your home.
  • Lower energy costs because systems change their output level instead of being switched on and off like central A/C units. (Energy savings of up to 60% over traditional units!)
  • More efficient since each mini split system has its own fan and condenser for total climate control in each cooling zone.
  • There are units available that not only cool your home but can heat your home as well.
  • Ductless systems operate quieter than window units.
  • Many units can be easily controlled via remotes, Bluetooth, or through wifi.


  • Installation costs may be more upfront due to the price of the units, however, this is still lower than whole-house ductwork.
  • Monthly filter cleaning and upkeep is required.
  • Units are mounted onto walls and some people might not like the aesthetics.

Ductless Mini Split System Installation

Ductless mini split system installation is ideal for these types of situations:

  • Houses and properties without existing ductwork
  • Additions, bonus rooms, attics, sunrooms, garages, and workshops
  • Large homes with costly and inefficient air conditioning
  • Rooms that are typically unoccupied and the system can be turned on and off as necessary. Compared to central air conditioning units where shutting the vents would create a system imbalance.
  • Older homes with aging systems
  • AC boost to a single room

In contrast with window units, ductless systems are a more permanent solution and typically have higher BTU outputs. Plus, there are options for dual, triple, and even quad-zone cooling settings which creates better flexibility for the unit as minimal construction is required.

Ductless air conditioning systems should be installed by a reputable HVAC. Make the switch to a ductless mini split unit now. Contact One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Southeast Pennsylvania today to schedule professional HVAC service and installation!