Reasons for Duct Sealing Services

Sometimes ductwork can become cracked, damaged, or get holes in it.  You may lose money because the air from your central air unit is going into the ductwork and escaping before it goes through your vents.  This means some of the money you spend on your utility bills every month you are not benefiting from in any way.

  1. Duct sealing is a great idea if you notice that your energy bills are high, and you can’t figure out why. You probably have a hole, many holes, or cracks in your ducts.  Having them sealed will help your HVAC system become energy efficient!
  2. If you have rooms that are different from others as far as air quality goes, then you probably have some damaged ductwork that needs to be sealed. You could also have a clog in your ductwork!  If there is a hole or clog that leads to a certain room, you could have poor air quality in just one room in your home!  This could be because you need repairs, or it was just always that way.  Get your ducts sealed to cure a musty room with bad air quality!
  3. If your ductwork is located in a space that isn’t heated, like your garage, attic, or basement, then sealing them will help you keep pests from getting into the ductwork and they will be more efficient in the winter months as well.
  4. If you tried to get someone that isn’t a professional to seal your ductwork, or you tried to do it, we understand how easy it looks until you have a commitment you don’t want to finish. Call One Hour AC & Heating in West Palm Beach to get some help finishing the job!

Consider One Hour AC & Heating to discuss an appointment and have them come to your home and inspect your ductwork.  If you have ductwork that qualifies for getting sealed, then you can schedule the repair service and look forward to cleaner air in your near future!