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Ductless Split System Installation Service

Imagine you’ve just found the home of your dreams. It’s in a historical area known for its architecture, and you can barely believe you got it. The previous owner added the perfect sunroom for reading but didn’t bother to connect it to your central air. You know it’ll be deathly hot in summer and frigid in winter without the proper AC and heating system. You don’t want to ruin the home’s aesthetic with an unsightly window unit or spend thousands on ductwork. So, what do you do?

You contact One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning about ductless split system installation service! Our comfort specialists are highly trained and exceptionally friendly, offering recommendations about placement and answering any service questions you have. We’re ready to help you get the heating and air conditioning options you need without compromising your budget.

Why Choose Our Team to Install Your Ductless Air Conditioner?

  • We can install it quickly, usually in just one day.
  • Expert guidance on choosing the perfect unit. (Choosing the right size isn’t easy).
  • UWIN® Guarantee: 100% satisfaction assurance.
  • On-Time Guarantee: Always On Time...Or You Don’t Pay A Dime!®.
  • One Hour has been an HVAC industry leader for two decades
  • Transparent pricing means no hidden fees

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What is a Ductless Split System?

A ductless split system is a heater and air conditioner not attached to ducts. They are designed to provide heating, cooling, and airflow to individual rooms or to portions of a home. They are popular for enclosed patios, garages, or add-ons that don't have ductwork. They can be a solution for older homes where it is difficult to add new ductwork when renovating. They’re also an ideal option if you own or manage multifamily units that don’t have a central heating and air conditioning system that circulates throughout the property.

Ductless Split Systems Are Perfect For Various Reasons

One of the great things about ductless split systems is that the unit itself and installation are inexpensive and work well for customers in the following situations:

  • Old homes and commercial buildings with no ductwork
  • Homes with expensive fuel costs and low system efficiency
  • Homes with new additions
  • Rooms that are infrequently used and do not need constant climate control
  • New homes in areas with expensive utility costs

The Benefits of Having a Ductless Split System Installed

If you currently own or recently purchased an older residential or commercial property that isn’t retrofitted with central heating and cooling, there’s still hope of creating a temperature controlled space. You can get a ductless split system that gives you the benefits of ductwork without the enormous price tag.

Compact in Size and Flexible in Zoning

A ductless split system is compact and flexible. You won’t have to worry about it taking up space or not circulating air and heat sufficiently. We can perform ductless split system installation services, creating a zoned area that gets the air and heat circulation for comfortable living.

Easier (& Faster) to Install

While a duct system can be complex and lengthy in installation, ductless split systems are mounted inconspicuously to the wall or ceiling. Because we’ve installed numerous ductless split systems, we work quickly and efficiently.

Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective

You won’t have to deal with costly energy bills to heat or cool down an add-on or infrequently used space in your home or office. You can save money and 25% or more of your energy efficiency.


Not only will your ductless mini split system be concealed, but it won’t disturb you or your visitors. You won’t have to worry about your heating or cooling system making loud sounds indicating it’s on. You’ll barely notice or hear your ductless split system.

More Secure Than a Window AC Unit

Are you worried that window units might dislodge and fall out? That’s a valid concern. However, with ductless split system installation, our technicians will quickly and accurately secure the unit to the wall or ceiling so that a dislodged heating and cooling unit is no longer an issue.

The Most Common Options for Ductless AC Installation

Ductless split systems are not reserved for just traditional wall mounting. These modern systems can be installed in various parts of a room to maximize space and create the air and heat circulation necessary for a temperature-controlled oasis.

Wall-Mounted Split

Wall-mounted ductless systems give you easy access to the unit to ensure proper operation while still sleek and modern in appearance and completely unobtrusive.

Ceiling Suspension Split

Like wall-mounted split systems, ceiling suspension splits are installed on the ceiling but are not flush. They’re readily accessible and easy to install.

Floor-Standing Split

Without invasive ductwork, floor-standing split systems won’t take up livable space or obstruct walkways, as they’re installed near the bottom of the wall and not actually on the floor.

Mounted Flush into a Drop Ceiling

Don’t want to mount your ductless split system to the wall? Install it flush into the ceiling to keep it out of the way and simulate a visually pleasing duct system.

Common Questions about Ductless Split Installation

Can I Install a Ductless AC Unit Myself or Should I Hire a Professional?

We don’t recommend you attempt installing a ductless split system alone. These systems are complex for someone not certified or licensed to install them properly. Our team at One Hour has qualified professionals with years of installation experience. Allow us to save you time and energy on a complicated installation process.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Ductless Split System?

The cost of ductless split system installation will vary depending on the number of units to install and the labor involved. Our team will always provide an estimate before we start work and keep you in the loop the entire time.

We Install Ductless Split Systems from Top-Rated Brands

Some HVAC companies have only worked with a few split system brands because they feel comfortable with them, have an exclusive partnership, or have limited knowledge of other brands. Our expert team has worked with the world’s top-rated brands, including LG, Mitsubishi, Gree, Daikin, and more.

Call us today at (800) 893-3523 to find out more about ductless split air conditioners, and whether one would work for your needs.

HVAC Experts You Can Trust

Our comfort specialists care about the health and safety of your family, which is why our ductless split system installation services are only performed by licensed and insured technicians. We prioritize your needs and satisfaction to deliver the results you’ve always wanted.

Highly Trained and Reliable Ductless Split System Technicians

When you trust our technicians to support your installation, know that you’re getting highly trained professionals with years of expertise. We only employ technicians who have gone through extensive and rigorous training to hone their skills and provide exceptional service.

Emergency and Same-Day Ductless Split System Installation Service

Our team is available at a moment’s notice to perform ductless split system installation. We offer you—our valued customer—emergency and same-day installation support, so you always know you have a professional ready to help.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We don’t go into a job with only a few tools and partial knowledge of how to do the job correctly. Our trusted technicians are committed to your complete peace of mind, guaranteeing on-time service and 100% satisfaction.

Our Heating & AC Experts Are Ready to Get Your Ductless Split System Installed!

Whether you need ductless air conditioner service for a new addition to your property, or you have an older property without a traditional HVAC system, you can count on One Hour to deliver affordable, accurate, and exceptional ductless split system installation services today!

*Check with your local franchise; services may vary by location.

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