If you are worried about your air conditioner not working well during the hot and humid summers in West Palm Beach, FL, a protection plan is a wonderful way to make sure it works whenever you need it. Protection plans can offer you benefits such as check-ups and savings if you need repairs during the year.

Annual Check-ups

Annual and semi-annual check-ups are important for homes in West Palm Beach.  The climate is harder on AC systems because they run a lot more than in other areas of the country.  The humidity can also cause an AC to need to be cleaned and maintained more often.  Having your air conditioner checked regularly can help you avoid repairs that would normally be detected during a check-up.  If you do find out that you need repairs during a check-up, it is best to get them done right away, so the problem doesn’t get bigger and cost more.  Depending on the protection plan you choose, it should come with one or two check-ups a year so you can have your system inspected and ready for the weather.


Not only can you save on repairs needed with a maintenance protection plan, but you can also save on your utility bills if you use it to schedule your check-ups.  The better your air conditioner runs, the more efficient it is, and you can see that reflected on your energy bills monthly.  You can also save on service calls and repairs if you have a protection plan.  Most plans offer a discount for other services, so if you do need to get your air conditioner fixed or replaced, you will save money.


At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer different levels of protection for your HVAC system.  Each level offers various benefits, just like insurance for your vehicle.  The higher the level of protection you have, the more you save on our services.  At the top level, you can even get credit toward replacing your system, which comes in handy when you live in an area that is dependent on having a cool home to escape the summer heat.