Indoor air quality in West Palm Beach is important because of the climate outside.  The air quality in your home should make it easy for you to breathe and remain comfortable all day.  If you have poor air quality in your home, you can become sick and even need to be hospitalized if you have other health issues.

  • Poor air quality in your home may be because of smokers. Even if you don’t smoke, and others in your home don’t smoke, some apartments have connected vents, and smoke can come into your home.
  • There could be pollutants in your HVAC system. If there is an odor, these pollutants can come from outside or something in your ductwork.
  • You could have a dirty air filter. Having your ductwork and filters inspected regularly can help keep your air quality healthy.
  • The poor air quality may be because of bacteria or molds in your home’s HVAC system. A UV light can help destroy many of the microscopic pests that make people sick.  Talk to an HVAC professional about a germicidal UV light for your HVAC system to see if that gets rid of the odors and health hazards from the mold and bacteria being put into your home.
  • Your ductwork may be dirty. Blown insulation may help you save energy and improve the air quality of your home because it lessens the likelihood of mold, pests, and dust in your ductwork.
  • If there are holes in your ductwork, these can allow pests, dirt, debris, and toxins to enter your ductwork and do damage. The leavings from these nuisances are dangerous, and your ductwork needs repairing so that your air stays healthy.

Consider having your air quality tested and your ductwork cleaned if you have issues with odors, feeling sick in your home, or you see that it is dirty.  The more you breathe the polluted air in your home, the worse you will feel.  One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating® of West Palm Beach offers emergency service calls and protection plans for preventative maintenance, so the air you breathe is always good.