An HVAC system that works correctly is essential in Florida. There are many parts to your HVAC system, and they should all run well together, so you are comfortable in your home year-round.

AC Filters
Make sure your filter is checked and changed regularly. Check your filter monthly to see if it needs to be changed or not. A dirty filter can make the indoor air quality in Florida unbearable. Your air conditioner will also use more energy if the filter isn’t clean.

Put Less Stress on Your AC
Use little tricks to keep the inside of your home cooler, and use your air conditioner less often. You can close your window coverings and blinds to keep the sun out of your house during the day. You can also invest in fans to use when it isn’t so hot inside.

Get a Check-Up
A check-up every six months will keep your air conditioner ready for the weather. Use a protection plan, or schedule your check-ups well in advance to get your AC serviced before summer. An early check-up can alert you to any repairs that need to be done before the hottest months. Preventative maintenance is vital for a long-lasting HVAC system.

Do a Visual Inspection
Paying attention to your HVAC system is one of the best ways to help it last. Check your air ducts, your inside equipment, your outside equipment, and the areas around the equipment. Make sure everything is cleaned and clear around your HVAC system. If you see signs of pests or rodents, you may need to have your system checked after you have pest control take care of the problem. You may need to have your ductwork cleaned to maintain the proper indoor air quality in your home.

Listen to Your HVAC System
When your air conditioner runs, do you hear any odd sounds? If you hear grinding or rattling, you should have a professional check it out.

Invest in a Smarter Thermostat
Get a programmable thermostat. Eliminate the need to have your air conditioner running while you are not at home and set your thermostat to run right before you arrive. You can also have settings for daytime and nighttime, so it is automatic, and you won’t forget to adjust it to save energy.

Get a thermostat that will only turn things on when someone is in the room! A motion sensor thermostat determines if someone is in the room and cools that room when it is occupied. Smart thermostats are the newest way to conserve energy and maintain your HVAC system by not using it when it isn’t necessary.