person thinkingWhen you purchase a heating system for your home, you certainly aren't thinking about when it will need to be replaced. You expect to get the absolute most for your money and enjoy many years of warm, cozy comfort with minimal hassle.

But exactly how many years can you expect your furnace to last? While circumstances differ from customer to customer, furnace to furnace, we generally recommend that homeowners replace their furnace every 15 to 20 years. In rare cases, some furnaces can last as long as 30 to 40 years, but that depends on a number of different factors.

This quick slideshow video illustrates a few of the factors affecting the lifespan of a heating system. Take a look, then read on.

Nothing lasts forever. So even if you've invested in a highly-rated make and model of furnace, hired the top professionals in your area to do the installation, and scheduled regular maintenance appointments, your furnace eventually will need to be replaced if you live in your home long enough.

When we perform furnace inspections in Richboro, PA, and the surrounding region, here are some warning signs we encounter that indicate a furnace is on its last legs.

  • Unusual noises coming from the furnace — rattling, humming, buzzing, etc.;
  • Visible signs of corrosion or cracks in the unit;
  • An abundance of dust, soot, or other airborne debris when the furnace is running;
  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home;
  • We're having to make the same repairs over and over, or repair the same unit within a certain time frame;
  • We find evidence of carbon monoxide leakage.

Considering all of the above, it's clear why regular heating maintenance is so important. Not only will it help you squeeze every year out of your system that you can; it will ensure that every year you own the furnace will be filled with optimal comfort and safety. When your furnace is running with maximum efficiency, it will also save you a significant amount of money on your heating bills.

If you're wondering whether or not to replace your furnace, or you'd like to schedule furnace or heat pump maintenance services in or around Montgomery County, PA, don't hesitate to contact the team at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Bucks County, located in Levittown, PA, today.