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Furnace Maintenance

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For many people, a furnace is the center of their home’s warmth and comfort. While furnaces can work for years without issues, it takes one avoidable breakdown to make your home cold and unwelcoming. Worst of all, unexpected heater repairs can be costly or even require the replacement of your entire unit! One of the best ways to avoid these unexpected problems with thorough, regular furnace maintenance.

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is America’s most trusted source for furnace maintenance. Whether your furnace uses radiation or forced air, we’re ready to make sure it’s working as expected. We always look for small problems that have the potential to turn into major emergencies—saving your comfort and wallet in the process! Best of all, One Hour offers a variety of furnace maintenance plans to suit your needs and budget.

Find out more about how the furnace maintenance pros from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can keep you comfortable and problem-free all season long by calling (800) 893-3523.

Why Furnace Maintenance Matters

A furnace is like a car, it’ll last many years as long as it has received the right amount of care and attention. When a furnace’s maintenance needs are neglected, it can’t be expected to last, and costly breakdowns can occur at any moment.

Our furnace maintenance experts will check the following with your furnace’s system:

  • Airflow
  • Electrical connections
  • Gas line
  • Corrosion
  • Sensors
  • Condensate drain clogs
  • Heat exchangers
  • Safety controls
  • Burners
  • And more

Besides reliability, furnace maintenance also helps ensure efficiency! A yearly tune-up will help ensure a furnace is running as affordably and effectively as possible. Our team always lubricates moving parts, checks the accuracy of thermostats, and will replace any belts. Finally, we’ll round-out your furnace’s service by making sure any belts are not wearing out.

Should I Replace or Maintain My Old Furnace?

It depends on your situation. If your furnace is old, inefficient, and consistently breaks, it’s likely time to replace it. While furnaces can last 15-30 years, newer models can offer increased heating capabilities while using less energy than older models. Finally, a furnace should probably be replaced if the costs to repair it are 50 percent or more of the cost of a replacement unit. Calling One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning today will help you decide what you should do with your aging furnace.

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