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  • ‘Round the Clock Availability

    No matter the hour, you can trust One Hour to be there to help you when you get hit with the unexpected.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We guarantee our materials, labor, and craftsmanship for up to two years from the date of your service.

  • StraightForward Pricing® Guide

    Before we start any work, we discuss your available options so you know exactly what you are getting and how much it will cost. No hidden fees!

  • Always On Time…Or You Don’t Pay A Dime!®

    We understand your time is valuable, so we promise to arrive at your home within the predetermined time window that you select, or your service call is free.

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Our Happy Customers

Our Comfort Specialists are available to help, no matter the time of day. If you're in need of emergency services, we've got you covered 24/7.

  • “Will always ask for Jose when we need our furnace and air conditioner ready for the summer and winter. Again thank you, Jose! Great job!”

    - Patricia M.
  • “Mike P was extremely knowledgeable helpful and patient he took his time to check out our system and to see what was wrong and gave us options for repair. Truly appreciate all his help.”

    - Majko Veit | deer park, NY
  • “I have been very impressed with the standard/routine maintenance services as well as the duct cleaning, The technicians were courteous, knowledgeable, thorough, and conscientious. They explained the ...”

    - Nicole Knickmeyer | Clarksville, TN
  • “I had the best experience with One Hour Air Conditioning! Jose was the gentleman who was sent to my home and he provided excellent service. He was very knowledgeable, he fixed my AC problem and was ...”

    - Elena del Moral | Miami, FL
  • “I just want to say Thank you to Sheena James, i didnt actually have any services done, i was just inquiring about yall services, but Sheena was very helpful friend courteous and knowledgeable about ...”

    - Ida Thomas | Missouri City, TX

AC & Heating Company in Jackson

Heating and AC Repair Near You

The heating and cooling systems in your home are responsible for keeping you comfortable all year long. That’s why when problems arise with either of them, you should never settle for anything but the best for your repair, replacement, or installation services.

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Jackson, we are committed to providing exactly that. We are an AC and heating company that is dedicated to keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We are a leading provider of HVAC services in Jackson and are ready to service your system at the first signs of trouble.

HVAC Services Near You

Our HVAC technicians are highly trained and provide quality repairs and installations that are 100% guaranteed for two years from the date of your service. From minor problems to major installations, we’ve got the expertise to handle any problem you may be facing.

Furnace Cleaning in Jackson

We provide professional Furnace cleaning services in and around Jackson, Tennessee. Our experienced team of HVAC technicians is highly trained to clean all types of furnaces with the latest equipment and techniques. We use state-of-the art technology to ensure that your furnace is running efficiently while providing a safe environment for you and your family. Our services include inspecting, cleaning, adjusting components as needed for optimal performance, testing safety control systems and more!

What Are Signs I Need HVAC Repair?

It's important to regularly check on your HVAC system to ensure it is running smoothly.

Here are some red flags that may indicate the need for HVAC repair:

  • Strange noises coming from the unit. Hissing, banging, or clicking sounds could mean there is a problem with the machinery.
  • The unit is not blowing out enough air. This could be due to an issue with the blower motor or ductwork obstruction.
  • Uneven cooling or heating in different rooms. This could be a sign of issues with the thermostat or airflow distribution.
  • Your energy bills have suddenly increased without explanation. A malfunctioning HVAC system can lead to inefficient energy use.

If you notice any of these signs, it's best to call a professional HVAC technician for repairs. Keeping your HVAC system in good shape can save you from the inconvenience and cost of a breakdown in the future.

Give our Jackson HVAC techs a call today at (731) 248-1825 to schedule a service!

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Heating and Air Conditioning Near You

Your heater and cooler aren’t the only systems that keep you comfortable in your home. The quality of your indoor air is also very important. Poor air quality can lead to respiratory problems, dry skin, and other problems.

Our Jackson HVAC technicians also offer indoor air quality solutions, including air purification and humidifier and dehumidifier installation.

Your comfort is so important to our team that we guarantee we’ll always be on time for your appointment or you won’t pay a dime. We also offer ‘round the clock availability for those situations that require immediate assistance, and we guarantee our materials, labor, and craftsmanship. Never sweat or shiver again when One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Jackson is on the job.

Request an appointment today! Our Jackson heating and cooling team looks forward to assisting you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the One Hour mean in your company name?

    The ‘One Hour’ in our company name indicates our guarantee to be at your home in the predetermined window quoted when you set your appointment. If we do not show up within that window, your service call fee is waived.

    1. Express Appointment: This is an appointment that is scheduled during a specified one-hour time slot. You are promised that a technician will arrive at your home within this one-hour time window. You will also receive a call when the technician is en route to your home.

    2. Reserved Appointment: This is an appointment that is scheduled during a specified, two-hour time slot. You are promised that a technician will arrive at your home within this two-hour time window. You will also receive a call when the technician is en route to your home.

    3. Standard Appointment: This is an appointment that is scheduled during a specified four-hour time slot. You are promised that a technician will arrive at your home within this four-hour time window. You will also receive a call when the technician is en route to your home.

    4. Stand-By Appointment: This appointment is for overflow situations. This appointment will not have a specified time. You will receive a call when the technician is en route to your home.

    5. Emergency Appointment: This appointment is for an unspecified time after normal business hours Monday – Saturday and all day on Sundays/Holidays. Calls are dispatched in the same order they are received. You will also receive a call when the technician is en route to your home.

  • Do you service emergencies after-hours?

    Yes, we offer emergency services 24-hours a day, year-round.
  • How much will my service cost?

    The size and complexity of your HVAC issue will determine the cost. Because our trained, licensed HVAC technicians must diagnose the issue before we are able to quote you an accurate cost, we require an appointment to be set to complete a diagnostic on your system. Once the diagnostic is complete, your One Hour(R) technician will walk you through all costs using our Straightforward Pricing(R) Guide so there are never any surprise fees.
  • How often should I service my HVAC system?

    It’s ideal to service your cooling system each spring and your heating system each fall to ensure you find small issues before they become big problems.
  • How often do I need to change my HVAC filter?

    Your filter should be changed every one to three months, depending on conditions in your home and your region’s climate.
  • Do you offer purchase financing?

    We work built relationships with several lenders to ensure our customers are able to restore comfort in their homes. Ask your technician about your financing options.
  • What are the advantages of a smart thermostat?

    Smart thermostats learn a household's patterns and adjust heating and cooling according to when a home is occupied, give homeowners the ability to control the thermostat remotely, and enable homeowners to reduce their energy use, saving you money.
  • What is HVAC?

    HVAC means Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems refer to air conditioners, furnaces, and any unit that cools indoor spaces during the summer and warm them in the winter.

    In general, an HVAC system takes in air, heats or cools that air, and blows it into a room or any indoor space. While many homes have separate air conditioning and heating units, others have a heat pump that cools and heats the house.

    Not only do HVAC systems maintain desired temperatures, but they also improve indoor air quality and regulate humidity levels. But most importantly, these units provide comfort all year round.

  • What is a SEER Rating?

    The SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is a measure of the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.The higher the SEER rating, the more efficiently a unit operates. The SEER rating of any given unit can range anywhere from 13 to 21.

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