Dead Furnace Prevention: Get Informed!

winter snow

Picturesque winter-grey sky and snowflakes lightly falling outside your living room window…

Steaming mugs of hot cocoa…

You and your spouse wrapped in your blankets on the couch…

“I wish we had a fireplace,” your sweetie whispers.

Sound like the perfect way to spend a snow day?

No! Actually, it sounds MISERABLE, because you have a dead furnace and a FREEZING COLD house.

People with jackets. Don't get stuck wit ha dead furnace.

You’re curled under a blanket trying to conserve body heat—not for the comfort factor. You’re wishing for a fireplace because you think you might freeze to death —not because it’s romantic.

Hot cocoa is just delicious no matter what, though. That one is actually just for fun.

During every winter, at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Pittsburgh, we respond to tons of emergency calls from homeowners with dead furnaces. The homeowners are cold and they’re worried—they don’t know when the heat will be back on.

To prevent a dead furnace in the middle of winter, we recommend a furnace tune-up. Read on to learn more about the danger of a cold house and the importance of a furnace tune-up.

Danger of a Dead Furnace and Cold House

When your furnace breaks, every hour without heat sinks the temperature lower and lower.

Sound miserable? It is. No doubt about it.

Sound dangerous? It is—a dead furnace poses a risk of illness or death. Many people die every year from exposure to cold temperatures inside their homes.

A dead furnace can lead to health problems.

While freezing to death inside your home is possible, in-home death can also occur from the cold exacerbating a secondary medical condition such as:

  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Respiratory Illness/Asthma

Tragically, people die every year of the cold—in their homes. These stories appear in newspapers in the northern part of the country every winter.

Those deaths are not necessarily attributable to a dead furnace—many people with working furnaces choose not to run it for financial reasons. Yet a dead furnace possesses the same deadly quality exposing you to the raw winter temperatures.

Furnace Tune-up

Hour by hour, the temperature in your home drops, especially as the sun goes down.

Worried? Want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you?

You could either buy a brand-new furnace for each and every winter—but that sounds excessive and crazy. You can ensure your furnace runs like new by scheduling a furnace tune-up from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Pittsburgh.

When you get a furnace tune-up from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Pittsburgh, you get the peace-of-mind that your furnace is guaranteed to keep you toasty and safe this winter.

During a tune-up, our expert HVAC techs examine your furnace part-by-part and inch-by-inch. We ensure that no small problems go unnoticed to turn into bigger problems when the weather turns cold.

Learn more and schedule a gas furnace tune-up now!

Can I DIY a furnace tune-up?

tech working

A furnace tune-up sounds awesome! You’d love to have total peace-of-mind going into the winter. You just don’t want to pay for it.

So the question on your mind is: “Is a furnace tune-up DIY possible?”

You bet it’s possible!

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Pittsburgh, our HVAC experts all perform the furnace tune-ups on their own homes, you know, DIY style.

Now, admittedly, they do happen to be the foremost HVAC technicians in the country, equipped with years of training and elite equipment. But for them, it is DIY…

For you, if you aren’t a One Hour Air technician, you should leave it to the pros. A cold, dead furnace is too dangerous of a problem to skimp on.

Dead Furnace Wrap-Up

Let’s re-imagine that miserable winter day, shall we?

What if you were lounging around in shorts and t-shirts in your living room, watching the beautiful snowfall?

And what if you cuddled up under the covers not for warmth but just for the comfort of it?

You’d contemplate going outside to build a snowman but instead settle on making hot cocoa (because it’s delicious).

Now, THAT is the perfect way to spend your snow day. Keep it protected with a One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Pittsburgh furnace tune-up.

Contact us for a furnace tune-up and for all your HVAC needs.