5 Cooling Myths Debunked

The 5 Cooling Myths That Cost You Money

You may be concerned about environmental impacts. Maybe you just want to save money. Either way, you should know the truth about your AC and how to keep it running more efficiently. So, let’s look at five cooling myths debunked, so you can get the most of out your system.

The 5 Cooling Myths That Cost You Money

1. Your AC system only cools air.

Along with cooling, your AC also provides another key function. It also de-humidifies the air in your home. This makes you feel more comfortable, and also helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

2. The thermostat location doesn’t matter.

Different home floor plans and traffic patterns can cause challenges for your AC system to provide good air distribution. So, it’s critical your thermostat is installed where it can respond most accurately.

3. Turning your AC down all the way will cool your home down faster.

It's tempting to crank down the thermostat, but it won’t help. Your AC unit cools at a steady rate until it reaches the set temperature. So, turning your thermostat down too low only means it will run longer to get to that point. It won’t get there any faster.

4. The bigger the AC system, the better the cooling.

This is another cooling myth that costs homeowners a fortune! An oversized AC unit costs more to buy and increases your running costs.

One problem with an oversized unit is that cools too quickly to dehumidify the air completely. So, instead of keeping you cool and dry, you’ll be cold and damp.

Oversized units also tend to constantly cycle on and off. This wastes energy and results in poor conditioned air distribution in your home.

5. Keeping the thermostat on the same setting all the time is more efficient.

Some homeowners think it saves money to keep their thermostat at the same setting all day. They believe it takes more energy to reach the desired temperature than to maintain it.

But as in Myth 3 above, your AC runs at a steady pace until it reaches the setting on the thermostat. It uses the same amount of energy whenever it runs, regardless of the ambient temperature.

So, if you’re leaving it on all day when you’re not home, it’s using up energy all day. However, raising the setting by 5 or 10 degrees when you’re out can save money. Your AC unit will switch on less often and still keep the house cool enough to easily return to your preferred setting when you get home.

Save Money Now With These 5 Cooling Myths Debunked

Now that you know a bit more about how your AC system really works, make an appointment with One Hour Air in Bethel Park. We can perform efficiency audits or install a programable thermostat in the optimal location for you home. Our experienced technicians will help you reduce energy consumption while keeping you in complete comfort.