How to Troubleshoot a Heat Pump

Air Flow: Venting and Filtration

Summer can get extremely hot and humid. And if you use a heat pump for cooling, a faulty machine will make summer even worse. Troubleshooting a heat pump early enough will make sure it is running smoothly throughout the summer. Some of the primary heat pump problems can be easily prevented or fixed when you are aware of the possible causes. Here are some common heat pump problems, their causes, and ways to correct them.

Icing Up? Yes, Heat Pumps Freeze In the Summer

First things first, if your system is icing up, don’t chip at the ice. You can do damage to your coils if you do. The most likely causes for heat pumps freezing up when it’s hot out are lack of maintenance or a refrigerant leak. If your coils are dirty or your filter is clogged, both can also cause this issue.

If you notice your heat pump is icing up while cooling your home, shut it off. You risk damaging your compressor with each second it is running. To remove the ice, use a fan and clean up the water as it melts. Clean up the unit, filters, and coils after it’s all melted, and see if the unit works.

  • If it runs without icing up, you’ve successfully troubleshot this issue.
  • If it doesn’t, that’s when most people decide to call in a professional unless you are an HVAC expert.

Heat Pump Not Cooling Your Home?

If you don’t see ice on your machine and it’s not cooling your home, here are some things that you can check at home.

  1. Technical Difficulties: Thermostat

When you look at your thermostat, ask these questions:

  • Is it turned on?
  • Is it set to a temperature below the current room temperature, at least 2 degrees?

Those seem like overly simple questions, but it’s the right place to start your investigation. If the answer to both of those questions is yes, it’s time to go outside.

  1. Is the Motor Running?

Can you hear the fan running on your outside unit?

  • Yes: Go back inside. It’s time to check the flow.
  • No: Check the circuit breaker or fuse panel. If the fuse or breaker looks good, you could be looking at an electrical issue, a bad thermostat, or some other issue with the mechanical workings of the machine.
  1. Air Flow: Venting and Filtration

If the machine is not frozen, getting power, the thermostat is working, and the fan is running, but you aren’t getting cold air, it may be an issue in your vents or filtration.

Check the filters on your heat pump, and if they are dirty, replace or clean them according to the manufacturer’s directions. After that, assure that the vents are open and check for blockages.

Work with Heat Pump Experts

While you may quickly troubleshoot a heat pump, some repairs are complex and require HVAC expertise. Our skilled technicians in Pleasantville are ready to help you with your heat pump repair, replacement, and maintenance. Contact us today for expert heating services.