6 Ways to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

Keep the Thermostat Environment Cool

Pittsburgh, PA is a nice place to live with dozens of unique neighborhoods to suit every kind of lifestyle. As a homeowner around here, one essential for comfortable living is a good air conditioner. Summers are hot and you need the AC in optimal condition. While the AC unit keeps your indoor space comfortable, it can also drive your energy bill high.

Research shows air conditioning and heating account for most of the energy used in residential properties. To cut the cost of home maintenance, boosting the AC efficiency is a smart move. A poorly performing air conditioner consumes more electricity and is also prone to breakdowns. Some warning signs of inefficiency include frequent cycling, increased electricity costs, unusual sounds, and frequent breakdowns.

Find out how you can improve air conditioning efficiency with these 6 simple steps.

Check the Vents

Vents play a critical role in air conditioning but homeowners often overlook them in AC maintenance. To ensure the AC unit works efficiently, check the vents regularly and use a professional to vacuum out the vent system. This promotes smoother airflow through the system and reduces strain on the AC unit.

Clear Debris in the Condenser Unit

The condenser unit is another important component of your AC, which doesn’t receive the deserved attention. The unit is exposed to the elements and can collect debris with time. Clean around the condenser unit and have a HVAC technician carry out in-depth cleaning of the unit.

Keep the Thermostat Environment Cool

If you have heat producing appliances near the thermostat, you might force your AC unit to work harder to keep the indoor space cooler. Lamps, ovens and dryers, for instance, can mislead the thermostat to direct the unit to run longer leading to more electricity consumption.

Insulate Exposed Ductwork

If you have ductwork running through exposed areas of your home, you might end up losing a lot of energy. Exposed ducts are more prone to damage, which leads to air leaks. The AC system works harder in the case of such leaks. Insulating the ductwork, using proper insulating materials, reduces energy wastage and promotes AC efficiency.

Invest in Energy Efficient Window Treatment

Windows account for a lot of the energy wasted in your home. With the right window attachments such as blinds, shutters and curtains, you can cut the cost of cooling. Your AC system will work less to cool your home. Closing the window attachment complements your air conditioner and reduces the strain.

Increase Thermostat Settings

If you push up the temperature settings by 5 to 8 degrees in summer and down in winter, you can save you a lot of energy. A programmable thermostat helps you make more accurate adjustments remotely.

Keep your AC Efficient with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Pittsburgh

With these few tricks, you can boost the AC efficiency to make your home in the Pittsburgh area more comfortable, while saving on electricity consumption. But it’s always a good idea to keep your unit serviced and maintained regularly by a professional. That’s why the HVAC pros of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Pittsburgh are here! Contact us to get the service you need to stay cool.