Benefits of a Mini-split AC System

Mini-split Systems

If you have a commercial space or a home with many rooms you want to be cooled efficiently, independent of a central system, consider a mini-split AC!

These appliances are nowhere near new, with the first being invented around half a century ago, despite many home and business owners in Pittsburgh not being familiar with the setup. The mini-split AC system is a ductless, easily removable and an efficient AC alternative for those using more traditional AC systems during the hotter months.

While there are many reasons these nifty appliances are useful, we've compiled the top few drawing factors:

  • Zoning
  • Easy Installation
  • Generalized Efficiency
  • Good Aesthetics

Zoning is Easy!

Each internal output unit is connected to a single, larger outdoor appliance. The owner can spot-cool specific rooms, and this works well for those who wish to cool down one or two areas specifically. This also affects cost, so while the initial cost of the appliance is higher than a duct system AC, those costs are easily mitigated later on.

Another aspect of easy zoning is that you can tinker with the temperature of each room specifically, catering to multiple temperature preferences for individuals.

You Can Easily Install and Tinker with Your Setup

Indoor units can be placed up to 50 feet away from the main outdoor appliance. The duct simply requires a three-inch hole in the wall.

The indoor units are compact and, unlike traditional duct systems, you can be more choosy about placement, which can be adjusted later on, if needed.

The Tinkering Options are the Main Draw

Mini-split systems offer some of the best cost-to-cool ratios of modern AC systems. This is due in part to the fact that different indoor units can be adjusted accordingly, and one can choose to mainly cool the rooms that are mostly occupied, but there is another reason:

The ducts that these systems use are much narrower. A large chunk of traditional AC system output is lost through the sheer surface area of the ducts, meaning; older systems are working harder, not smarter.

Mini-split Systems Look Nice and Run Quietly

With smaller internal fans than previous models and a primary unit outside of the home, the indoor units are quieter than most alternatives.

Because they are small, they can be placed inside in many ways, some of which can even hang from the ceiling. They're a definite go-to for those who are aiming for both efficiency and sightliness.

Recalling all the many benefits of mini-split systems would be a long-winded ordeal, but these are the major draws that attract home and business owners to these models!

Mini-split System Advice from the Pros

For the most accurate assessment of which system fits your lifestyle and location the best, consider consulting with the experts of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning in Pittsburgh. Contact us for an appointment today!