Are You Ready for the Fall HVAC Season?

Are You Ready for the Fall HVAC Season?

There’s nothing like the crisp, cool air of autumn, transitioning us into the deep cold of winter. It’s just beautiful outdoors, which means it’s a fantastic time to take stock of some home maintenance chores while we can. So, are you ready for the fall HVAC season?

Keeping to a seasonal schedule for home upkeep is one of the best ways to stay on top of regular tasks. To ensure that your HVAC system is ready for the cold weather ahead, make sure to put the following tasks off on your to-do list.

Change Air Filters

A dirty air filter causes havoc with your heat and air conditioning systems. Your system relies on a steady flow of circulating air to work efficiently.

Some homeowners find they need to change filters more frequently, but at minimum, you’ll want to change them every three months. Start fall off right with a clean air filter.

Clean and Adjust Vents and Registers

Your vents and registers can accumulate dirt and debris, exacerbating allergy system and blocking air flow to your system. Give them a good cleaning as part of your fall HVAC season checklist.

If you have toggled them to re-direct cold AC air during the summer, you may want to adjust them for use with hot air. Which leads us to our next checklist item.

Reset Ceiling Fans

Most ceiling fans are designed to create downdraft in the summer (counterclockwise) and circulate hot air down in the winter (clockwise). If you have ceiling fans installed, now is the time to change them to the winter setting.

Add Insulation

Fall provides an opportunity to install some additional insulation to your home to help save money and reduce power usage. You can find simple-to-use window and door insulation kits at your local home improvement center.

Windows can be responsible for up to 25 percent of your home’s HVAC energy waste, so it pays to install weatherstrip and layer on the window treatments before winter.

Check the Outdoor Unit

Make sure there are no obstructions around your outdoor HVAC unit. Remove any weeds or tall grass from around the unit and pad and cut back any shrubs or branches that may be in the way. Visually check the fins for dents that require the attention of a professional.

Put an Annual Checkup on Your Fall HVAC Season Checklist

It’s always a good idea to have your HVAC system checked on an annual basis. This can help prevent it from failing when you need it the most. The last thing anyone needs is a broken furnace when the temperature starts dropping into the 20s.

Make an appointment for your annual HVAC system checkup with the HVAC professionals at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning in Bethel Park. They can help ensure your home stays warm and cozy this winter.