Notice: 2017 More Expensive Than Ever To Repair a Leaking Air Conditioner

Our distributors have informed us of more cost increases of R-22 refrigerant.  Due to the EPA mandated phaseout of one of the most commonly used refrigerants in residential air conditioners, the cost of repairing a leaking unit has gone up dramatically.  There has been a 30% price increase over the last two years and the prediction for the summer of 2017 is a 50% increase of the cost compared to 2016.

Replacing your air conditioner now will be less expensive than waiting for your unit to have a problem this summer.  For the month of April we are offering new air conditioner replacement at 2016 pricing.  When April ends our prices will increase to keep up with the demands of summer.

Call (913) 380-0530now to schedule a no-obligation visit by one of our Field Advisors to give you options on replacement options that would work best for your home.